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Festival de San Juan – Celebrating Summer in Santiago de Compostela

By | July 18th, 2017|Spain|

Arriving in Santiago de Compostela on June 23rd was the most perfect of timing.  Only in town for the weekend, I assumed I would be only (I use this word lightly) be taking in the cities main tourism hotspots and sights.  Sights such as the cities stunning cathedral, or the blissful Alameda parklands. What I didn't [...]

Sungod Custom Classics – Review

By | May 30th, 2017|Reviews, Travel|

Well the snow is gone.  As summer approaches, my new Sungod Custom Revolts snowboarding goggles are now well and truly packed away under the bed.  Hibernating until winter rolls around again.  Lucky for me though the guys at Sungod actually started out with producing sunglasses.  Hello summer, hello my (also) new Sungod Customer Classics². [...]

The cost of 4 days in Dubai

By | May 8th, 2017|Budget Travel, UAE|

Dubai is not an overly budget friendly city. It is a city built around extravagance and excess, bright lights and all things shiny. So what exactly was the cost of 4 days in Dubai? Before touching down in the UAE, I didn't really clock that Dubai was an odd destination for me to visit until [...]


By | May 6th, 2017|

So this blog is for the most part centred around budget travel, to that end I have recently been attempting to source partnerships with companies who can help traveller like I, save money. Now lets be clear, you use of the below links will net myself a nice little kickback, but hopefully that won't stop [...]

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Review: The Trespass Everguy Mens Snowboard Jacket

By | April 19th, 2017|Reviews, Snowboarding|

Trespass is a UK based budget friendly outdoor clothing brand, who have a major presence on your local high street ... and by that I mean they have more than 150 stores across the UK.  Many an evening after work I have spend time I don't have wandering my local store in search of bargains [...]

How to get to Olso Vinterpark

By | April 10th, 2017|Norway, Snowboarding|

One of the key selling points of Oslo's Vinterpark is that it is located just '30 minutes' from the heart of Oslo's city centre. Personally I found the journey to take more like 60 minutes, but either way the Vinterpark is still an incredibly accessible outdoor area, a joy for both snowboarders and skiers alike. [...]

The Panasonic LUMIX GX80K #UnmissableMoments

By | April 3rd, 2017|Reviews|

The Panasonic Lumix GX80K is my type of camera.  I mean while I'm no pro behind the lens, I do really enjoy photography and the tech involved, and am particularly keen on Micro Four Thirds, interchangeable lens numbers.  I DSLR user I am not, and that because I really do think cameras such as the GX80K [...]

Sungod Revolts ski goggles – Review

By | February 23rd, 2017|Reviews, Snowboarding|

Sungod Revolts are a bit of a game changer.  Ski goggles (or snowboard goggles in my case), which are affordable, stylish, customisable and most importantly, outstanding quality. In short, #lifelooksbetter when you're wearing a pair of Sungod Revolts. “SunGod Revolts were born from a frustration with over-priced, under-performing goggles. From our experience with sunglasses we knew [...]

5 years a travel blogger – good bits, bad bits, mistakes and stats

By | June 29th, 2016|Travel Blogging|

Bam! 5 years a blogger.  That's 1825 days of bloggy bloggerness, which is quite a long time. This post itself has also been a long time coming, drafted over and over since the turn of the year for fear of not getting it quite right. Finally I've decided that no matter how I write this, its [...]

Colour Obstacle Rush – Windsor, UK

By | May 10th, 2016|England|

The Colour Obstacle Rush - a 5k fun run with inflatable obstacles and coloured powder thrown against white t-shirts creating a rainbow of each runner. What's not to like? Sign Me Up ... oh and I'm bringing 3 friends with me. Since when did you run? Now I think this might be my first ever [...]