There’s nothing like taking a day off work, and come that day, the sun is out! Last Friday I took my girlfriend for her first ever visit to a zoo. We prepared for rain, umberella’s and heavy coats packed into my backpack. What we got though was gorgeous London sunshine. Hello ZSL London Zoo.

London zoo

It was a bit of a mission getting to the zoo, not that its difficult in getting to the zoo, but we had come across a nice little 241 ticket deal. The criteria of the deal was that we needed some National Rail tickets, so on route to Camden Town, we had to stop off at Euston to buy said National Rail tickets.


  • 1 x ZSL London Zoo ticket – £19.50 (includes mandatory £1.90 donation)
  • 1 x ZSL London Zoo donation only – £1.90
  • 2 x cheap National Rail tickets – £5.50 (i’m sure you can get cheaper too)
  • Total – £26.90
  • Saving – £12.10

Source of voucher: Day Out Guide

So once we had all our tickets etc we exited Camden Town station and proceeded with the 10-15 minute walk towards the zoo, via Regents park.

There was a short queue to get in, but the girl at the ticket booth knew exactly what to do with our discount, no worries about the dreaded ‘i’ll just ask my manger’ reply.  Like any major attractions park, we were given a map and times for specific shows.

We set straight off to explore and soon found ourselves in the Aquarium.  It was pretty good, but unfoprtunately all my Aquarium experiences will now be compared to the Sydney Aquarium, and Sydney definitely won here.  Not to say that the London Zoo Aquarium was bad, just a bit on the small side.

Like the Aqarium, the Reptile House was also comparable to Sydney and again came up short when compared.   Sydney is a fantastic facilty though, London zoo was no means terrible.  There were some interesting species on show and some informative workers on hand.  The buildings were pretty old, maybe with a spruce they could compete.

Out in the open Gorilla Kingdom was next up.  Not a whole lot of action there as the Gorilla’s were just relaxing.  Fair play.   The whole Zoo seemed to have a very relaxed feel.  There were no mad crowds, and plenty of open spaces.  That relaxing feeling was increased further with a visit to the butterfly house.  They were so graceful flying inbetween us at topgun like speeds.

3pm was Penguin feeding time and at 3.30 we went to see the Lions get fed.  The Penguin feeding was pretty cool.  They were very cute and performed all sorts of cool dives.  It cant have been far from watching happy feet.  The Lions on the other hand did little, but in fairness they’d just woken up.  Seeing them up close was a little scary, they looked hungry eek.

On our travels around the park we also saw some amazing hippo’s, gigantic giraffes, smelly camels and of course some meerkats … no they did not try and sell us car insurance.

All in all, Esther and I both had a great day.  London Zoo wont blow your mind, but its still interesting and a great day out if the sun is shining.  I’d especially recommend it for young children.