Lets Stik together hey?  London is a place of many people, many cultures and many beliefs, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all get along right?

Despite my usual hit and miss spelling and grammar, my spelling of Stik in that opening line is with intent.  You see, somewhat out of character, I’m trying to be clever.  Whereas once upon a time it was Bansky who people looked to for inspirational street art in London (or a wall to knock down and sell at auction), more recently new artists have sprung up and taken to decorating London in their own way.  One such artist is called Stik, and he has been causing a particular stir in the Shoreditch/Hackney part of town.

Stik’s name is descriptive of his work.  Simple stick characters are his artistic weapon of choice, but although they may be simple in appearance, each of the works of art carry a deep meaning.  Take the piece below for example which I stumbled upon whilst on a foodie tour of the capital.  To be found hiding in an unsuspecting doorway just off of Brick Lane, on a small side street called Princelet Street.  The simple yet effective work shows two people of different, race, religion, upbringings and beliefs in unity.  Hand in hand, or stik in stik, they stand and project togetherness in an area of London that has a deep rooted history in immigration.

London Street Art by Stik

An interview with Stik

Where to find Stik

I was lucky enough to find this wonderful piece of art whilst on a food tour of east London.  It’s far from being the only awesome piece created by Stik though.  Check out this map of London which shows current (green) and past (red) works of his.

View Stik Graffiti Map in a larger map