As a huge fan of the US comedy ‘The Big Bang Theory’ I was never going to miss comic con once it had crossed the pond and hit Blighty.  Aside from my undying love for Penny, I also watch the show for the comic references, and if you must know, my favorite Marvel character is Gambit (although I wasn’t overly keen on his casting in X men Origins – Wolverine).  Whilst I’m not a serious collector as such, I would still class myself as a fan.

So, this weekend I along with thousands of other will descend upon the Excel to attend MCM London Comic Con 2013.  Whilst it  may not be on the same scale as some of the expos in the US, but do not underestimate British peoples love for all things comic, sci-fi, fantasy, manga and video game related.  No seriously we’re totally into that stuff and are deadly passionate about it, we’re not just about tea and crap weather y’know.  For example at a conversion in Norwich a fortnight ago it all kicked off and the police had to be called as two rival gangs of Dr Who and Star Wars fans clashed.  I don’t condone violence, but that is one fight I wouldn’t mind watching.  Sonic screwdrivers vs light sabers    An epic battle, of that I have no doubt.

Anyway, enough of my rambles and street brawls amongst cool fictional characters, here’s a few photos from London’s Comic Con 2013 at the Excel.