Upon leaving the Rooftop Cinema Club and heading into the underground system, I spotted a poster for the Ben and Jerry’s festival.  Both my girlfriend and I have a sweet tooth (one each, we don’t share one) so I thought I’d look the festival up at some point and see if any tickets were still available.  I didn’t take too much notice of the dates, I was more interested in the bands playing and the prospect of free ice cream for a day.

Ben and Jerry's Festival, Clapham Common

Me and my ice cream pass

Fast  forward 12 hours and I’m on a coach into central London heading to a BBQ … or so I thought.  It was then that my girlfriend decided to tell me that said BBQ did not exist and instead she had sneakily bought us ticket to the Ben and Jerry’s festival some weeks ago.  Tres sneaky!  We got off the train at Clapham common and made our way with the masses to the festival set up (same spot as SW4 which I shall be writing about shortly) and only queued for a short while before we were in.  The sun was out too, good times!

And so to the ice cream, free all day, what more could you want?  We had to queue at points in order to expand our waistlines, but it was worth it.  Coconuterly, cookie dough, berry nice, half baked, all the winners were there!  You didn’t get a great deal each time, just a small cone, but it was enough, and many people were blagging that they needed 2 or 3 cones so that their children could get some … they didn’t have any children, liars!  Good plan though.  Come the afternoon the ice cream scoopers (for lack of a better word) looked shattered, their preferred arm must have been aching from all the scooping.  Good word that ‘scooping’.

Ben and Jerry's Festival, Clapham CommonApart from the ice cream stalls, there were the usual bars, fairground rides, merchandised stalls etc.  There was also a petting zoo which children and gooey eyes women lapped up.  The ice cream stalls were still my priority though.  Also scattered around were a few fair-trade related stalls, and Ben and Jerry’s are obviously very big on this practice. What I didn’t realise they were big on was toe wrestling, but this also had a place at the festival.  I declined a request from said girlfriend to take bad … I’ve still got that bad knee I mentioned in my Rhodes post.

Headliners for the day were ASH and Ocean Colour Scene.  I love both bands, and it was a little bit like being taken back to the early 90’s when indie bands were all the rage.  We didn’t bother to go right up to the stage, instead we opted to get the picnic blanket out and lounge on the common with our ice creams and enjoy the music that way.

It wasn’t a late festival and finished promptly at 8pm.  There was the usual crush to get out of the venue, and the same again to get onto the tube.  No denying that it was a great day though, even if I did put on 3 stone.  Same again in 2012 then yeah?

Ben and Jerry's Festival, Clapham Common

Ben and Jerry's Festival, Clapham Common