Oh go on then, just one more quick post about my time in Venice.  As if I haven’t posted enough about surviving the train journey from London to Venezia with no luggage, about exploring it canals by gondola, about wandering it’s tiny streets and alleyways in search of amazing architecture and hidden galleries.

So you thought Google+ was dead right?  Me too!  However it is alive, and with that I am still able to bring you my G+ story from Venice.

Now if you don’t know what a G+ story is, fear not, it’s a photograph story for the main part, with just a few short annotations to give you an idea of what’s happening with each photo.  The photos are in chronology order, so hopefully this G+ story will give you an idea of just exactly how I spent my mornings and afternoons in Venice.   I think they’re a fun way of summarising and reviewing a trip, and hopefully you will too.

… but of course if you prefer moving images you could always just watch my London to Venice by train video.  Just saying :)