Il Volo dell’angelo, or the Flight of the Angel as it is known in English, is not just Italy’s, but also the world’s fastest zipwire.

Yep, THE fastest.  Not 2nd fastest, not 3rd or 4th, THE fastest.  How fast?  120kph fast. Seriously fast.  Fast enough to make you eyes water and for your cheeks to do that weird wobbly thing, just like they do when skydiving.   Fast enough to make grown men sound like little girls.

You get it right?  Its fast!

So its a fast zipwire, so what?

So what?  Pah, I’ll tell you what.  

The zip runs between two mountain top towns, Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano.  Between the two, a vast canyon.  Pietrapertosa sits at an altitude of 1020m and Castelmessano at 859m.  As you travel from one town to the other along the zipwire, you will be some 888m above the canyon floor.  That’s quite a height!  Think about it, that’s more than two laps of an Olympic sized running track.

So in answer to the question ‘so what?’ – 120kph at 888m above a canyon floor.  Thats what!

And you don’t just get to do it once, oh no.  Naturally you need to get back to your town of origin, so the Flight of the Angel is actually flights, pural, x2.

  • The  “San Martino” line, from Pietrapertosa to Castelmezzano = 1415 meters with the top speed of 110 kph.
  • The “Peschiera” line  from Castelmezzano to Pietrapertosa = 1452 meters with the top speed of 120kph.

There is no right or wrong starting point, and single rides are available, but most people choose to start at Pietrapertosa and end at Pietrapertosa.  This scenario involves a 20-30 minute hike inbetween arriving at Castelmezzano, and flying back to Pietrapertosa (watch the vid below and all will become clear), but the hike is really quite nice and provides some amazing views of the area. Just wear comfortable shoes.

Flight of the Angel Basilicata

How much?

OK so its a little on the pricey side when compared to some of Europe’s other top attractions, but this is very very different and really quite special in my opinion.  This is the type of activity I would usually associate with Australia or New Zealand, so it seems quite rare (to me at least) to find something as adrenaline fueled as this in Europe.

Prices are broken down by season, and by whether you are flying solo or tandem.

Weekdays in August and September:

  • Single Flight: 1 person 35 euro
  • Couple Flight: 2 person together 63 euro

On Sundays and Holidays, and all other dates on the calendar to April, May and June:

  • Single Flight: 1 person 40 euro
  • Couple Flight: 2 person together 72 euro

Flight of the Angel Video

What do I get in exchange for my hard earned Euros? In short, this …

What was it like?

What a question to try and answer.  Well, it kind of felt like the free fall of a sky dive, but horizontal.  Does that make sense?

Whilst I’m not usually all that great with heights, I do love a good adrenaline buzz and didn’t actually find the Flight of the Angel that scary. In all honesty I found my self stunned into silence, but with a huge grin etched across my face at the same time.  It was probably as close to flying like Superman as I’ll ever get, and I loved it, even after the ground had fallen away beneath me and I was being held up by a single (high strength) wire.

I loved it, and would do it again at the drop of a hat.  Even the walk between flights was enjoyable due to the views, if not a little hard on the calf muscles (its uphill).  It you can get over any initial fear you have of heights of high octane rides, the Flight of the Angel is spectacular.  The speed and views (which are not to be underestimated … if you keep your eyes open) are a feast for the senses.

Key Info

As with any adventure activity, there are a few rules, do’s and dont’s, that apply.

  • You can choose whether to fly solo or with a partner.
  • Neither option suitable for pregnant women.

Single flyer:

  • Age restriction: 16 years and over.
  • Minimum weight 35kg
  • Maximum weight 120kg (around 19 stone)

Tandem flight:

  • Total weight: 150 Kg (around 23-24 stone)
  • Difference in weight between the 2 persons:  max 40 kg
  • Age restriction: 12 years if flying with an adult.

Opening times:

Personal belonging, cameras and photographs:

  • Where possible take as few personal items as possible.
  • Where possible also have pockets with zips on/a small backpack and closed footwear
  • Camera’s are at own risk, but GoPro’s like the one I used in the vid above can be hired.
  • Official photographs are taken on the Castelmezzano to Pietrapertosa leg. Three photos cost 8 euro.

Useful Websites:


My visit to Basilicata and Flight of the Angel experience was arranged by Basilicata Turistica as a part of their #helloBailicata initiative to promote tourism in Basilicata through bloggers and social media users like myself.   I am under no obligation to write this post or any others that may follow, but have done so purely because I believe the Flight of the Angel to be one of the best adventure activities in the Basilicata region and Italy.  As such all opinions are my own.  I tell you no lies.

Flight of the Angel Zipwire, Basilicata, Italy