Now one of my favourite things to do when I’ve visited Dublin in the past, has been to get myself sat down in a pub or restaurant, and sample the delicious food and drink when the city has to offer.  This idea also extends to the cities breweries, and to its fledgling music scene.  I do love me a good gig!

However, as you may have noticed from the title of this post, Dublin is also a superb destination to get yourself outdoors, and get active.  There’s plenty, and I mean PLENTY, to see in Dublin, and I implore you to try your hand at any (or all) of the below as a way of better exploring the city.

I very much doubt you will be disappointed.

Visit Croke Park and walk its roof

As a big sports fan, I really loved exploring Croke Park.  It was actually the first place I visited having hopped off the plane from Heathrow.

Located north of Dublin city centre, in the area of Drumcondra, Croke Park is the largest amateur sports stadium in the world.  So big is it (capacity is 82,300) that a number of tours were introduced to give fans like you and me a peak at what happens behind the scenes on game day.  Of the tours available, my favourite has to be the Etihad Skyline tour, which takes you up onto the roof of the stadium and allows for some incredible views over the Irish capital.  It’s a great tour, combining both sport, georgraphy and a spot of history, and will certainly help you get some fresh air in those lungs!

Etihad Skyline Croke Park

Etihad Skyline Croke Park

Try your hand at Gaelic sports

Now you don’t even need to leave Croke Park to partake in a little Gaelic sport.  Should you choose to take the Etihad Skyline tour as per above, you’ll already have purchase access to the GAA Musuem which is also housed within Croke Park.

GAA stands for (Gaelic Athletics Association), and within the museum you can learn all about the incredible history of sports such as Hurling and Gaelic Football.  There is even an activity zone within the museum which allows you to try you hand with a Hurley and Sliotar.

When you compare amateur sports such as Hurling and Gaelic Football to the big money sports of today and all the crazy TV rights, the GAA really is a breath of fresh air.





Take to the water down in the docks

Yes the water was cold initially, but wakeboarding is hard work, and you soon warm up.

On a sunny day, racing up and down the dock is a great way to see a different area of Dublin you might have missed otherwise.  It’s also really great exercise, and the perfect way to justify a lovely pint of the black stuff later in the day.

If/when I return I’d also very much like to try one of the paddling boarding sessions.

Wakedock Dublin

Visit Trinity College on a Sunday for a spot of rugby

Trinity College is a beautiful spot to spend any day aimlessly wandering (assuming you don’t have a class to attend), but should you choose to visit on a Sunday, you could be rewarded with a game of rugby … to watch, not to play.

Trinity College provides quite the setting for a match, and of course it will be free to enter the grounds and become a spectator.

There’s definitely worse ways to clear your head on a Sunday morning!

Trinity College Rugby

Go street art hunting

Now I realise this post has been fairly sports heavy up until now.  I won’t apologise for that as I love my sport, but I can certainly appreciate that it’s not everyone’s bag.

To that end it seemed only right to include one not so sporty activity, but one that will still get you out of the pub and exploring the glorious streets of Dublin – and not just Temple Bar.

Now who doesn’t love street art?!  I mean come one, it’s awesome! … and it’s also in abundance in and around Dublin.

With little effort and a keen eye, in no time at all you can easily create your own street art gallery, just by using your legs and smart phone.





A breath of fresh air

… Indeed it is!

Now the running theme of this post has been that Dublin has more to offer than just Temple Bar and great nightlife.  Don’t get me wrong, I too love a good pint(s) of the black stuff, but I also love what Dublin can offer outside of city life.  Give it half a chance, and I’m sure visitors of a more active and outdoorsy nature would be pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of sights and activities that exist both inside and just outside of this capital city.

What we have here in Dublin is unique. We have a young, vibrant, happening city with a rich culture and heritage which is nestled between the wide open spaces of Dublin Bay and the Dublin mountains. There is no point, however, in being Europe’s best kept secret and I very much welcome this new campaign to reposition the city and county and ensure that its unique appeal cuts through in the international marketplace.

Dublin is a city but more than just a city



The above video is supplied by Tourism Ireland and Visit Dublin.  However please rest assure that the words used above and the love shown for Dublin is all my own.