You know a trip has been good when you simply cannot stop writing about it!

First off I outlined 15 stunning reasons to road trip The Ring Of Kerry, and then I detailed exactly how much a road trip around The Ring of Kerry might cost you.

Well now, FINALLY, I’ve gotten around to pulling all my footage from the trip together and making a video of the drive, AND I’ve taken the time to map out exactly where in Kerry and along the ring all of my favourite stop off points were.

Hopefully over the past couple of months I’ve managed to convince you to hire a car and drive The Ring Of Kerry, and after reading this post I hope you’ll know exactly where you want to stop off and stay along the route.

Drive safe and enjoy!

Day 1


Your gateway to the Ring of Kerry, but also worth at least an afternoon of your time.

Walk the colourful streets,

Killarney colourful streets

Ross Castle

One for the history buffs and only 10 minutes from Kilarney.

Built in the late 15th century, it is a castle you may explore at your leisure, with zero cost to park up and walk around the grounds, but if you wish to enter the castle itself you must pay to join a tour.

Ross Castle

Torc Waterfall

Probably the easiest trek (more like a leisurely stole) to a waterfall ever, and only another 10 minutes down the road from Ross Castle.

Parking is free which is nice, although VERY limited.

In addition to the waterfall there are also a few walking trails you may choose to wander along.

Torc Waterfall

Ladies View

Almost like a ready made drive-in viewing platform, Ladies View offers you almost unrivaled views of the Kilarney National Park (designated as a Biosphere Reserve in 1981 by UNESCO).

I would tend to agree with them, and recommend that Ladies View be a stopping point along your driving route.

Ladies view along the ring of kerry


The perfect spot for a bit of lunch after a great mornings drive. Dive into one of the bakeries if you’re in a rush, otherwise why not sit down to a lovely big lunch at one of the pubs if you have a bit more time on your hands.

Post lunch, take a walk, with ice cream in hand, around the square while taking in all the colour.

Known as ‘The Knot in the Ring of Kerry’, owing to a knot-like swirling is said to take place where the Sneem river meets the currents of Kenmare Bay in the estuary just below the village

Sneem along the Ring of Kerry

Derrynane Beach

Do I really need to sell an afternoon at the beach to you?  Nope, thought not.

Go on, dip your toe in the waters of this glorious blue flag beach.

derrynane blue flag beach

Day 2

colourful village of Portmagee


This colourful little town is actually where I suggest you base yourself for 2 nights.  It’s roughly halfway around the Ring of Kerry from Kilarney, and it is also the perfect spot from which to set out and drive both Valentia Island and the Skellig Ring Road.

Geokaun mountain Valentia Island

The Geokaun Mountains

Do you like views?  Do you like views that require zero leg work?

Cool, you’re in for a treat!  Simply pay your entrance fee, drive to the top of the Geokaun mountains and take in the incredible 360 views over the area of Ireland’s west coast.

Skellig Michael location of Star Wars epsiodes 7 and 8

Skellig Michael

Are you a start wars fan by any chance?  Well those islands in the distance are where a significant chunk of episodes 7 and 8 were filmed.

Outside of the force, Skellig Michael and neighbouring Puffin Island provide great day trips by boat (if the conditions are clam enough).

Skiellig Michael is a  UNESCO Site #757, and houses an old monastery.

Skellig chocolate tasting

Skellig Chocolate

Sweet tooth?  Like free samples?  Park up at Skellig Chocolate and experience some of the best chocolate in Ireland.

Parking and samples are free … but I very much expect you to be tempted into purchasing full sized bars and bags of chocolate.  We sure did!

ballinskellig castle

Ballinskellig Beach and Castle

Ah the beach, and another blue flag one at that.  The perfect sport to spend the afternoon relaxing.

The 16th Century Ballinskellig castle, or otherwise known as McCarthy Mór Castle, was once a charged with defending the area against pirates, and collecting taxes from those looking to do business in the area.

Day 3

Ballycarbery castle

Castle number 2 along the route, but a very different castle to Ross Castle in that Ballycarbery is a ruin.

Walk the tightrope that is a cow-pat infested field and you really can get up close to this piece of stunning 16th Century history.

ruins of ballyberry castle

Rossbeigh Beach

And another beach, and ANOTHER blue flag number, although a little less sand this time around.

Across the water you can take in the Dingle Peninsula, which itself is VERY road trip worthy.

Rossbeigh blue flag beach

Lough Caragh

The final stop along the route before you find yourselves back at Killarney, or maybe the airport.

Lough Caragh and the roads around it are a beautiful, and almost a road trip in themselves.  Stop off points seemed to be in short supply, and you may want to take care as kamikaze sheep my jump out in front of you as you tackle the roads, but the views as you drive are breathtaking.

lough caragh

My Ring of Kerry Map

My Ring of Kerry Video

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