Last October I undertook once of the finest road trips in my 31 year history.

Spending a day driving around the Dingle Peninsula was seriously something special! I only wish it had lasted a little longer.

Such is the beauty of Dingle, and the popularity of the popularity of driving it’s peninsula, that my blog post about my own visit to the area –10 reasons why you should road trip the Dingle Peninsula – went semi viral and I was even invited to be a guest of Radio Kerry.  It’s not every day those things happen, so I think it was more the destination than my writing and blogging skills.

Whilst my radio voice certainly need work (I have the face for it though), for the past 10 months or so I have never lost sight of a goal I detailed to host Anna Curtain in that interview.  That goal being to fly back to Ireland and undertake another spectacular road trip – The Ring of Kerry.

Ring of kerry map

So it may come as no surprise to you that this post is announcing such a trip.  Yep, my driving of the Ring of Kerry is soon to become a reality, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Now it’s not often that I ‘announce’ future trips, truth is I rarely know about them far enough in advance to write such posts, but on this occasion I will make an exception because I have a few special partner along for the ride.

No it’s not the mrs.  Whilst she is special, and she is coming, it’s another special guest who I would like to announce, and this trip would not have been possible without them.

If you hadn’t already guessed (the clue is in the post title to be fair) I’m delighted to be able to welcome the guys and girls at along for the ride.


The trivago app challenge

The guys at trivago have challenged me to create a trip and book all my accommodation for said trip using only their app.  You may have seen the same trivago app challenge take place with Monica and team over at

Whilst I love my Iphone, I can’t say I’ve ever used an app to book accommodation.  I much prefer to use my laptop where I can have several windows open at once to compare prices etc, so this challenge was entirely new to me and a tad outside of my comfort zone if I’m honest, but I went for it.

The app challenge actually came in 2 parts.  The first being to book the first 2 locations (Killarney and Portmagee) via the app prior to my leaving England, whereas the second part of the challenge is to leave my Limerick accommodation open, and only book once I arrive on the Irish West Coast.

Can I find budget accommodation in Limerick when booking last minute via the Trivago app?  I’m hoping so, but as well as looking at price I’ll also be using the app to track down somewhere with wifi, car parking and somewhere located not too far outside the city centre.  I’ll also be taking note of the apps smiley rating scale.  Can’t say I fancy staying somewhere where an unhappy face exists.

It’s a cool challenge, and one I’m definitely excited about undertaking.  See below for a couple of screenshots and the relevant link if you want to download the app for yourself.

trivago booking app

The Plan

So the destination and team is set, but what’s the actual plan?

Well, taking off from Heathrow airport we’ll make the short hop over to Shannon Airport on the west coast of Ireland, and start our road trip from there.

Our first major port of call will be Killarney, Ireland’s most popular travel destination for 2015 according to TripAdvisor. We’ll spend one night there in Killarney, but after that our drive of the ring will begin proper, and our next destination will be almost exactly half way around The Ring of Kerry, at Portmagee.

With 2 nights stay in Portmagee planned, I hope to follow in footsteps of Adventurous Kate’s, and head out to sea in search of Skellig Michael, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

After 2 nights in Portmagee and the surrounding area, we’ll drive the remaining half of the ring and end up in Limerick for the night where we hope to catch up with some friends.

Now that might sounds like a very basic road trip over just a few days, but I have no intention of giving away every single detail of what we have planned just yet.  Lets just say that by the time we’ve completed this particular road trip, I plan to have taken in many a’ castle, fort, waterfall, lake, beach, wave and of course pub.

It wouldn’t be Ireland now without a pint of Guinness and a packet of tayto’s now would it!

Excitement Building

Yeah so that’s the big announcement.

With just over 2 weeks to go until we actually set out from Heathrow it’s safe to say I’m pretty excited!

Even more so having just re-watched my Dingle Peninsula video from last year.  So I’ll leave you with that very video, and hopefully it’ll inspire you to a) follow my journey around The Ring of Kerry later this month, and b) visit Ireland for yourself one day.