Day 4 mini Summary:

After checking out of the Malinbeg hostel we took a slight detour on our route to Sligo on a recommendation of Frank, the Malinbeg hostel owner and all round nice guy!  His tip was to visit Slieve League, the highest cliffs in Europe aka Bunglass Sea cliffs.  Franks tip was spot on, we passed through a random gate as he instructed, and were blown away with the views from the top car park.  The views didnt stop there.  Steps led even higher up the cliffs, and from a lookout point someone had cleverly written ‘Ireland’ in little stone.  It made for some good pictures, and provided a good work out.  Sitting in a car all day and eating out every evening does not do much for the old waistline.

After Slieve League we boosted down to Sligo, we were an hour behind due to our little detour and I was worried that our car hire company would charge us for the extra hour, but they were fine.  Sligo airport was tiny and we were soon saying goodbye to Rich and Claire as we went our separate ways.  They were heading back towards Belfast via Claires family whilst we were heading towards Dublin to stay with Esther sister in County Cavan.

It was about a two hour drive to Cavan from Sligo and half way through the drive Esther tried and failed to get in contact with Angela.  This was not ideal.  Turns out Esther had told her sis that we were going to visit … just not on what day, error!  In the end it was fine and we met and went back to Angela’s palace and stayed up till 1am chatting, but for a brief moment i wondered if we’d made a serious boo boo.   Ah well, it all worked out in the end, we had a great nite with Esthers big sis and her family.


Distance Covered:

Malinbeg to Cavan via Sligo – Approx 160 miles

Cost Per Person:

Petrol for the Fiesta – £5
Hire of a second car for the next 5 days-   £70 1st payment
Spending money – £30
Accomodation – a box of chocolates for Angela and family.

Roadtrip Breakdown:

Day 1 – London to Belfast
Day 2 – Belfast to Derry via Giants Causeway
Day 3 – Derry to Malinbeg (Donegal)
Day 4 – Malinbeg (Donegal) to Cavan
Day 5 – Cavan to Galway
Days 6-9 Galway to Limerick & Newcastle West