So here…eth start my Ireland tour blog post series.  I’ve tried something a little different here and have tried a couple of video blogs.  I’ve only used Imovie so its nothing amazing, but it was still a little bit of fun.  I realise i look like a bit of a numpty on the vids, but aside from that hopefully they give you a good idea of what we got upto on our trip, and what Ireland might one day hold in store for you.  Anyway, here’s goes …

Day 1 Mini Summary:

Up at 5 am, cab to Heathrow. Flight on time but when we get to Belfast airport we discover the car we booked was booked for the wrong airport, oops, not my fault. So after sorting the car we arrive at vagabonds hostel which is pretty damn cool. They sorted our black taxi tour which was hands down the best tour I’ve ever been on. £10 a head was a bargain. Caught a bit of the fools festival near city hall and then headed to the titanic exhibition but couldn’t get in. Ah well, next time maybe.

Day 1 Video:

Distance Covered:

Heathrow -> Belfast city = Approx 430 miles by air
Belfast City aiport to hostel = approx 5 miles by car

Costs per person:

Cab to airport =£2.50
BMI flight, Heathrow to Belfast City =£38
Hire Car =£42
1 night at Hostel =£20
Black Taxi Tour =£10
Spending Money =£40

TOTAL =£152.50

Roadtrip Breakdown:

Day 1 – London to Belfast
Day 2 – Belfast to Derry via Giants Causeway
Day 3 – Derry to Malinbeg (Donegal)
Day 4 – Malinbeg (Donegal) to Cavan
Day 5 – Cavan to Galway
Days 6-9 Galway to Limerick & Newcastle West