Day 3 Mini Summary:

Checkout out of our Derry hostel around 10am and drove to the town centre, parking right next to the tourist info centre.  Within the tourist info centre we booked a 1hr walking tour of the city walls at the cost of £4 (this included a free cup of tea at the end of the tour).  The tour started at midday so for an hour the girls dragged Rich and I around the shops, but I did get a milkshake out if it.

The tour itself was great.  John our guide was very informative and brilliantly funny with it.  We walked the city walls, saw the cannons, learnt the history and took loads of photos.

We left Derry around 2pm and hit the road aiming for what I thought was Donegal town centre, or at the most 30 minutes away from the town centre.  In reality we ended up right on the west coast in a tiny place called Malinbeg.  It was a lucky mistake, the hostel I booked was amazing and in the most incredible location.  Out of our doubleroom window we could see the Atlantic, and 6 minutes walk from the hostel was a pictureque beach called Silver Strand.  Jackpot!  It was a very chilled hostel, no tv or wifi, but they did have an amazing fire.  We stayed up till 10pm to watch the sunset, it was light for ages.


Distance Covered:

Derry -> Malinbeg = approx 80 miles

Costs Per Person:

Spending Money =£25
1 night at hostel = £13

TOTAL = £38

Roadtrip Breakdown:

Day 1 – London to Belfast
Day 2 – Belfast to Derry via Giants Causeway
Day 3 – Derry to Malinbeg (Donegal)
Day 4 – Malinbeg (Donegal) to Cavan
Day 5 – Cavan to Galway
Days 6-9 Galway to Limerick & Newcastle West