Ireland changes people.  Should you travel there it’ll change you too, but in a good way I might add.

There is aura around Ireland.  Obviously it’s had its troubles, but I’ve only ever had positive experiences when travelling through exquisite locations such as Dublin, Kilkenny and Donegal, to name but a few.  Each as amazing as the last, these place have all had a positive affect on me.  It could be just travel/holiday vibes, but I actually think it’s a little bit more than that.

Here are my top 5 things that happen when you travel in Ireland.

Ireland and I

But first, let me give you a little bit of a back story around my history with travel in Ireland.

From having never visited the Emerald Isle pre 2010, Ireland is now fast becoming one of my favourite destinations.  I believe that on average I’m clocking up at least 2 visits per year now.

Being just a short hop from London via plane helps of course, but even outside of the logistics I have really fallen for this part of the world.  I’m proud to say that I have good friends in the south west, and have been lucky to travel far and wide across many amazing locations.

Of course I have written about a lot of those locations, links to which you can find below, but truth be told, the photos are probably better than the writing.

So yeah, 2016 would be a great year for you and I to visit.  I certainly plan on heading back, although I’m not quite sure exactly where too yet, but I’m sure the 5 things I’ve outlined below will all happen again, as they always do.

This is 5 things that happen when you travel in Ireland.

1. You’ll wish you lived in a room with a view

Looking out of my bedroom window this morning I could see a traffic warden, a giant shopping centre, some pigeons and my local canal with obligatory shopping trolley having been dumped in it.  Granted there are nicer parts of London, much nicer, but travelling to Ireland and experiencing country life there makes me crave fresh air, green and natural colours, open spaces, wildlife and a local community feel.

Sure this can be achieved in England and elsewhere in the world, but that Ireland has these offerings in such an abundance, and that they are the norm in many place as opposed to being a luxury makes them so noticeable.

Jealous much? … I am!


2. You’ll become best friends with Barry

Number 2 on my list of things that happen when you travel in Ireland is Barry.

As an Englishman I’m supposed to drink a lot of tea by nature.  Truth is, I don’t really.  The odd cup to warm me up every now and then, but I’m don’t make a brew every 10 minutes like some of my friends and family.  When in Ireland however …

Maybe its the creamy milk, or maybe it’s  the biscuits, or maybe just Barry and his special blend.  How know’s!?

One things for sure, should you travel to Ireland, you’ll soon meet and become good friends with Barry.

… over and over again.

Barry's Tea

3. Your standard potion sizes will become infinitely bigger

Sitting on my backside at a desk for the majority of my week probably doesn’t warrant the portion sizes I regularly consume.  My job, while taxing on the brain, isn’t overly taxing on my body.

Over in Ireland they have some more than valid reasons for crazy, but fresh and delicious, portion sizes. Firstly,  farming and working hard on land is still big business, and that hard work needs fuelling.  Secondly, Irish people are sports mad.  Whether it be rugby, soccer, hurling or Gaelic football, there’s always a game going on somewhere.  Again, those bodies working hard out on the field require fuel.

Enter meal times and BIG meals.  Meat, veg, gravy, more veg.  Mounds and mounds of food, and I being the little piggy I am, love it! So much so that every time I return home from Ireland, I have to take a meal time reality check i.e. I’m not active enough on a daily basis to warrant such vast quantities of glorious food.

Things that happen when you travel in Ireland –> you get fed and want to continue being fed!

Fish and Chips in Dingle

Irish dinner

4. You’ll get hooked on craic

I am certainly guilty of taking life too serious at times … most of the time.  Work, deadline, bills, mortgage applications etc.

But what’s more important, work or family?  Paying bills or spending time with friends?  All work and no play … you know the rest.

Smiling is addictive, and so too enjoying good times with family and friends. If there’s one thing I’ve learned while travelling Ireland and meeting lots of amazing people, it’s that enjoying life and making the most of it should always be a #1 priority.

Where’s the best place to enjoy the craic? The pub of course, where there’s probably a game of some sort showing on the TV, or if you’re lucky, 2 fella’s getting hitched in the name of charity.  True story!

bottle of Galway Hooker

A pint of the black stuff

Cute Hoor Pale Ale

5. You’ll wish you lived a more colourful life

From the land itself to the people that live on it, colour is everywhere in Ireland.

As I touched on in my opening paragraph, Ireland is a special country to visit, and spending any amount of time in this country will no doubt see you a) have an amazing time, and b) wanting a more colourful life.

Wanting to spend more time laughing with friends and family,

Wanting to spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

Wanting to spend more time taking life a little less seriously

… and even possibly wanting to paint your home a nice bright colour upon your return.

Granted, nowhere in the world is 100% happy 100% of the time, but whenever I’ve visited Ireland in the past, I’ve always left feeling uplifted, like I’m more capable to deal with life, and more willing to smile.  I love the affect that this part of the world has on me, and I would hope it has/had the same affect on you too.

Things that happen when you travel in Ireland –> You want to live a more colourful life.

ruins of ballyberry castle

Cliffs of Moher, ireland

Slieve League, Donegal

Sneem along the Ring of Kerry

ballinskellig castle

Glanteenassig Dingle


St Canice Cathedral Kilkenny

Portmagee in Kerry

Where in the world?

Ireland From space by @AstroTerry

Photo Credit: @AstroTerry

things that happen when you travel in Ireland