Iceland is beautiful place, so too its capital city of Reykjavik.  Its a clean city, a city with no real high rise buildings which I like, a city with a very safe and friendly feel.  Maybe its something to do with the fresh air?  Take a walk down to the marina and you cant help but smile.  It might be cold, but the locals and warm, friendly and all annoyingly good looking and fashionable.  Seriously, every single one of them looks like they just walked off a photo shoot or movie set.  I felt like a right scrubber walking around town.  But anyway, back to my point, the country, the city, its all incredibly beautiful.

Amongst all this stunningly beautiful-ness however there is an edge.  Walk down Reykjavik’s main shopping street and out of the corner of your eye you might just spot one or two things that look a little out of place in an otherwise clean and fresh feeling city.  You could say it flat a little grunge or alternative.

A wall is not just a wall in Reykjavik, it is a canvas, a canvas upon which creative flair is to be exhibited.  This art could form an advertisement, a protest, a rebellion  but then again it could just be art, either way its there, and its an exciting part of discovering Reykjavik.

Street Art

The street art ranged from abstract pieces, to informative piece, to the down right strange yet engaging pieces.  The first photo below is my fave, but they all have great qualities.  The art used to advertise the cafe did its job and got my attention, much more noticeable than a standard sign.











Skate Park

I loved this skate park, I could have hung out here all day.  Not that I can skate, I used to blade a bit but then broke my arm for the 3rd and 4th time in the same incident and so decided I wasn’t very good and should probably give up.  The skate scene still appeals to me though, and Reykjavik seemed to have fairly big scene.  The art on show here was much more ‘street’ (i actually hate that word) than we’d seen before, but in between the spray-painted scribbles of someones rapper name or something equally lame, there were some really amazing pieces of work.   They’re probably not all to everyone’s tastes, some a bit tripy, other even a bit evil looking, but call me odd, I liked them all.  This skate park seems so out of character when compared to the rest of Reykajvik, but I think that just made me like it more.







Reykjavik Street Art

Reykjavik Street Art