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The cost of a long weekend in Iceland

By | May 10th, 2013|Categories: Budget Travel, Iceland|Tags: , , , , , |

Iceland had a reputation as being a pretty expensive place, but what exactly is the cost of a long weekend in Iceland? Even now, when prices to visit are cheaper than they have been in [...]

The Golden Circle – Iceland

By | April 29th, 2013|Categories: Iceland, Photographic Inspiration, Photography|Tags: , |

A tour of the Golden Circle is usually pretty high on any visitor to Iceland's 'must do' list.  The natural features visited on any tour of the circle are second to none.  In 8 short [...]

The Hallgrimskirkja – Views over Reykjavik from the top of the church

By | April 24th, 2013|Categories: Iceland|Tags: , |

The Hallgrimskirkja is pretty hard to miss when out strolling around Reykjavik.  Even without a map its pretty damn easy to navigate you way to this Lutheran (Church of Iceland) parish church.  Standing tall above the moderately small sized [...]

Reykjavik – Street art and a skate park

By | April 18th, 2013|Categories: Iceland|Tags: , |

Iceland is beautiful place, so too its capital city of Reykjavik.  Its a clean city, a city with no real high rise buildings which I like, a city with a very safe and friendly feel.  Maybe its [...]

The Northern Lights – Green skies over Reykjavik on St Patrick’s Day

By | April 3rd, 2013|Categories: Iceland|Tags: , , , |

The Northern Lights are probably what you would call a bucket list item, well at least I would.  Some time again I outlined my two stage plan in an attempt to see the aurora borealis, but [...]

From Reykjavik to Keflavik Airport via the Blue Lagoon

By | March 27th, 2013|Categories: Iceland|Tags: |

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland's top tourist attractions.  A geothermal spa where you can relax and wash away your sins (we visited the day after St Patrick's day, so plenty of sins to wash away), [...]

Iceland – Real Time Photos

By | March 15th, 2013|Categories: Iceland, Real Time Blogging|Tags: , |

So the second, and final part of my hunt for the Northern Lights takes place in Iceland. Once again as you read this I will be either on a plane to Reykjavik, or already there. [...]

My 2 stage hunt for The Northen Lights

By | November 14th, 2012|Categories: Iceland, Scotland|Tags: , , |

The Northern Lights are a bucket list cert for most people.  I myself am gearing up for hunting those elusive and yet oh so pretty buggers down this year. You may or may not know [...]