The Generator Hostel, London. It’s a tucked away, but once you find it its as though you’re transported to another place entirely.

Admittedly the weather most likely made a huge difference in my case. Stepping and and out if a grey and damp London, into a warm, bright and very welcoming hostel was just what the Dr ordered.

The Generator Hostel London bills itself as ‘hidden in plain site’, and that description couldn’t be more accurate.

Now this wouldn’t be the first Generator hostel I’ve stayed in.  I’ve twice been lucky enough to find myself staying in their Copenhagen hostel, and one day soon also plan to stay with Generator in Rome.  I feel Generator is a brand I now know, and trust, and on that basis it would be fair to say that my expectations of their London hostel were high!

The Generator Hostel, London


Checking In

Check in took less than 5 minutes, and soon I had climbed my way (via the lift) to the 4th floor and found both my dorm and bed for the next 2 nights.

Home was to be dorm 435, bed 5, a top bunk … not my fave (I’m a bottom bunk kinda guy), but hey, it was still a reasonably priced bed in the heart of the English capital.  Those are few and far between!


The Design

I have so much love for whoever designed the interior of the Generator Hostel, London.  What guy/gal!

If you’re anything as geeky as I, you’re guaranteed to love it too!  I’ve seen a few super cool hostel interiors in my time, but this is a step up.

Themed floors and a crazy-cool reception area really do make an amazing first impression. They also just make the place that much more fun to be around and enjoy.

Check them out! –>







The Dorm Rooms

My vibrant pink key card led the way into my first bunkbed experience since March.

My dorm held a total of 2 bunks, so 6 beds in total, but also had room for an en suite toilet, and a small wash basin.   There was plenty of light, and I was glad to see that the bunks allowed for secure storage space at their bases.  There was also plenty of power sockets dotted around the dorm.

Also dotted around the dorm were a number of hooks to hang those damp jackets (London weather!) or towels on.  That said, my bunk buddy still found her way to hanging her wet towel off the railings adjacent to my place of rest. Grrrrr!

Lastly there was also a small open type wardrobe where smarter type items and coats could also be hung up, this was unusual to see, but I nice touch!  Whilst the room wasn’t massive, the space had certainly been well used, and was far less cramp and enclosed than other London hostels I had experienced.

Generator Hostel London 6 bed dorm


Generator Hostel London bunk bed

Generator Hostel London dorm storage

The Beds

Ah the beds!

Now while as mentioned, I am not a top bunk guy, Generator should be commended for the comfyness of their mattresses.  This mattress put my own to shame, and another area where the Generator bunks excelled was their length.

Time after time with hostel bunks I have found that my 6ft 2′ frame is too large.  Not in width, but in that I have to assume the fetal position in order to be able to sleep.  Stretching out without bashing either my head or feet on the bars that are technically there to stop me falling out of bed, but which usually make me feel like I’m in some kind of torture cell, is common place.  But not here.  Thumbs up!

The Facilities

Facilities wise I couldn’t find anything missing from the Generator London – although a hammock area like their hostel in Copenhagen would have been nice :) … I don’t think that counts as a ‘facility’ though.

So to run you through the list, there was –

Fast & Free Wi-fi

Available across all areas of the hostel, including the rooms.


There are private showers on every floor of the hostel, with hot water! En-suite room options are also available in certain rooms.




Open 24 hours a day. For a small fee, you can wash (£2.00), dry (from £0.50) and iron to your heart’s content.  Admittedly I did not need or use these facilities to comment on them any further, but the prices seem reasonable.

24 Hour reception 

Reception is open 24 hours a day, although after dark you cannot come through the main entrance to reception.  A member of security will be on hand to guide you though.

Luggage store

The secure storage room on the ground floor is available to keep your luggage safe from £2.00.  Again, I didn’t use this facility to comment further, but it is there.

Travel shop

The travel shop can help you out with all kinds of tours and tickets, or in my case if you forgot to bring a pad lock.

The Social Spaces

The Generator Hostel in London is most certainly a social hostel.  Where the cafe meets the bar meets the TV room, this whole area is effectively one big social space.

There are big screens showing sports/movies in the cafe and TV room.  In the bar there are pool tables.  Back into the TV room and a number of tables also double as chess boards.

The TV room can also cleverly be split into 2, and on certain nights one section turns into a mini cinema which is awesome!




The Food and Drink

Generator has recently relaunched their menu, so I was more than happy to investigate the new flavours upon the menu.

The breakfast for me was a little steep price wise, but that’s not uncommon with hostels I’m starting to find.  The breakfast itself was simple but nice, and there is the option to upgrade to a full English.

The cafe and dinner menus were much better value in my opinion, and far tastier.  As per below I tried (with help from a friend) some Mac n Cheese, hot wings, pasta and a burger.  All very of a very good standard, and more than reasonable price wise.

I also sampled the pale ale with dinner, which was lovely, and in the mornings I got my much needed hot chocolate fix.

Generator Hostel London Food






The Cost

The below are correct at the time of writing (Nov 2015), but of course you should check the Generator website for date specific prices.

Private Twins – from £52 a night

Dorms (4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 bed) – from £10.50 a night per person

Female Only Dorms (8, 10 and 12 bed) – from £10.50 a night per person

Private Tripples and Quads – From £16.50 a night per person

The Verdict

Yeah overall I was very impressed and enjoyed my stay immensely.

Decor and facilities wise, the generator is up there with the best I have stayed in, certainly when it comes to London based hostels. Probably the closest to rival it would be either Clink 78 or the Wombats hostel, but I am yet to stay in The wombats hostel so can’t draw any direct comparisons yet.

When reviewing a hostel it’s hard not to be swayed by the people who you share a dorm with, and one particular couple in my dorm certainly need a lesson in how to act and behaviour when staying in dorms, but in no way can I pin that on Generator.

This is a great hostel offering affordable accommodation, right smack bang in the middle of London (Kings X Underground station is a 10 min walk).  While I wouldn’t normally need a bed for the night when in London (I technically live in London myself), if I did, I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again.

Big thumbs up from me!