As a part of my hostel life series I’ve decided its time to lay down some rules surrounding hostel kitchens.
From expereience I’ve learnt like a lot of others, that cooking in hostel kitchens can be a huge money saver ( especially if you’re prepared to eat lots of pasta and noodles).  Providing the hostel has a good kitchen, and the other travellers use the kitchen in a respectful manner, cooking each day is not too much of a chore.  I even came to enjoy the morning routine, sad as that may be.
If however the kitchen is not the best and other travellers leave it in a state, it is sometimes harder to save money in this way.  The thought of trying to locate and clean all the necessary utensils can be quite unappealing, and the thought of finding the nearest subway or KFC suddenly creeps into ones head as the easier option.  On occasions i was restricted to simply boiling a kettle and picking through a pot noodle.  Scrumptsious!
So here’s my list of good and bad form when it comes to using hostel kitchen facilities.  Most of common sense … but sometimes sadly forgotten.  Feel free to advise on some more in the comments section below.

Good form:

  • Label your food and where possible keep all food items in one bag.
  • Eat only your own food that you have paid for.
  • If the hostel has provided condaments such as salt, use them but dont take the p*ss.  They’re for everyones use, so leave some for fellow travellers.
  • Wash and clean up after yourself.  This involves using soap, not just rinsing plates etc under the cold tap for 5 seconds.
  • If you leaving food that is still good i.e. not out of date, leave it in the free food crates, dont throw it in the bin when someone else could make use.

Bad form:

  • Do not steal other peoples food.  You’d hate to be on the receiving end, so why be the culprit.
  • Do not take cups and plates from the kitchen area and  leave them in your dorm room.
  • Do not steal utensils from the hostel altogether.
  • Do not move peoples food bags around in the fridge areas.  You wouldn’t want to spend ages looking for your food bag would you!?
  • Do not turn the kitchen into your hangout area, other people want to eat too, its not a space just for you and your mates, its everyones.
  • Do not leave food at a hostel.  If you’re leaving a hostel and dont want the food you have either put it in the free food crates or bin in.  Do not leave the food to turn bad in the fridges or other storage areas.