Dorm Room Dilemma’s – say what you see.  This post is simply going to investigate those tough and awkward situations that often rear their fugly heads when sharing a hostel dorm room with a bunch of strangers.  Hostel life hey, never a dull moment.

Dorm Room Dilemma’s

Dorm Room Dilemma #1.  Who and at what point is it safe to turn the light off.

a)  You’re closest to the light switch therefore it is you and only you who wield the power of light.  When you say lights out the light goes out.

b)  You’re on the other side of the room but can already see that everyone in the room in asleep.  You do the decent thing and rise from your bed to turn out the light.

c)  You are on the other side of the room and are already half asleep.  You have no intentions of getting up and so take solace from the light under your duvet.  Someone else will do it eventually.

d) You want the light out but cannot be bothered to get up.  As a result, any object within reach becomes a tool to aid you in turning the switch off.  Said object and others are launched at the switch until one of them hits the target and flips the switch … unless the light is controlled by a dimer switch, in which case you are screwed.


Dorm Room Dilemma #2.  Your dorm mates are partying in the room, but you’re ready for bed.

a)  Suffer the noise and pray that the party will soon be over.

b)  Risk the wrath of the mob by asking them to take the party elsewhere.

c)  Give up on the idea of sleep and join the party.


Dorm Room Dilemma #3.  You’re the only person in the room and need to charge your phone/camera, but all the sockets are in use by those that have left the room.

a)  Politely wait for another of your room mates to re-enter the room and ask if you can use one of the sockets once they’re done.

b)  You’re the one in the room so surely you get priority.  Unplug someone else’s camera/phone and charge your own.

c)  Sod em!  their not in the room.  Unplug their equipment, charge your own and hide theirs for good measure.  That’ll teach them a lesson for leaving their expensive kit unattended and socket hogging.


Dorm Room Dilemma #4.  You have a shared en suite bathroom.  Mid shower you realise you’re either out of or have forgotten your shower gel.

a)  ‘Borrow’ some from the bottles already lying around the bathroom, its only shower gel after all.  Your theft, no matter how dastardly, wont kill anyone.

b)  Poke you head out of the bathroom door and ask someone to throw you your wash bag.

c)  Concede and simply don’t use any and walk the tightrope of body odor for the next 24 hours.


Dorm Room Dilemma #5.  You re-enter your dorm in the early hours after a heavy night out to find a random asleep in your bed.

a)  Kick the bugger out.  Its your bed and they need to find somewhere else to catch some Z’s.

b)  Find the next available bed.  You’re not fussy, you just want 40 winks.

c)  You don’t want to cause a fuss and so exit the room and go sleep in the common area.


Dorm Room Dilemma #6.  Someone else’s luggage and its overflowing contents is eating into ‘your’ space.

a)  Neatly move their kit away from your own and at the same time establish some kind of visible barrier.

b)  Tell the person in question that if they don’t move their shit you’ll move it for them.

c)  Meh, its no big deal.  I’ll just invade another persons space with my stuff.


Dorm Room Dilemma #7.  There is nowhere in the room to hang your wet towel.

a)  Wet towel goes back in your bag to stink out the rest of your semi clean clothes.

b)  Pay the extortionate fees to tumble dry your towel and with it question whether frequent showers are really worth the indirect cost to your budget.

c)  You hang it off of your bunk because there is nowhere else … and watch it drip onto either your own or your bunk mates bedding below.


Dorm Room Dilemma #8.  Its early, real early.  Your bladder woke you so that you could take it to the bathroom.  Upon returning to the room your realise you have left your key inside and that you are now locked out.

a)  Bang on the door until someone lets you back in, cursing as they do so.

b)  Take a shameful walk to reception in your sleeping attire (if any) and ask nicely if someone can help you out.

c)  Slump against the wall in the corridor and sleep/wait there until an opportunity to re-enter the room presents itself.


Dorm Room Dilemma #9.  Someone else has forgotten their key, locked themselves out and is now banging on the door.

a)  Get up, let them in, give them a bollocking and then get back to sleep asap.  It’s less painful that having to listen to them banging on the room from outside for hours.

b)  Ignore them till they go away.

c)  You’re on the other side of the dorm.  As with the light switch, surely its the person who is closest to the door that should let them back in.  Until that happens, headphones in, volume to max, face the wall and pretend you hear nothing.


Dorm Room Dilemma #10.  Tossing and turning you simply cannot get to sleep due to some noisy carnal activities taking place in another bunk.

a)  Shout, cry and scream at the heavy petting pair until they either part bodies or move elsewhere.

b)  Headphones in, volume to max, stare at the wall.

c)  Interrupt and ask if there’s room for one more.


So some tough decisions to be made when it comes to dorm rooms.  By writing the above I’m not saying that I have been in all 10 dilemmas … but I have bore witness to the majority at least.   There are obviously no right or wrong answers, I’d just be interested to know which you’d pick, so anyone care to share a few of their answers, or add a couple of awkward dilemmas to the list?