Sarajevo Hostel Recommendations

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So you're thinking of heading to Sarajevo eh?  Or maybe you've booked flights to Bosnia already, and now you're wondering where you should stay.  Well, if you looking for a quick guide on the best [...]

Review: The Generator Hostel, London

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The Generator Hostel, London. It's a tucked away, but once you find it its as though you're transported to another place entirely. Admittedly the weather most likely made a huge difference in my case. Stepping [...]

10 steps to becoming a better dorm buddy

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So this weekend I'm all set to stay in a dorm room, as I visit the Generator hostel in London for the very first time (review to follow next week). As much as I love [...]

ClinkNOORD – A new kind of social travel experience

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ClinkNOORD, now that's how you open a hostel! What a weekend! Confession --> Before last week I had never visited Amsterdam before. That's terrible I know, but to be honest I'd always foreseen that I would [...]

Hostel Life: 5 dorm mates I wouldn’t wish on anyone

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I can laugh about these experiences now, and I'm sure that in another place at another time, these people were great people, but as dorm mates at that exact place at that precise time they [...]

Hostel Life Dilemmas

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So last year I covered dorm room dilemmas, but now, some 12 months later (sorry about the wait), I think its finally time to cover off some of the other dilemmas you may be faced [...]

Hostel Review: Clink 78 – Kings Cross, London

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Staying in a hostel for the night, when I live in the same city?  ... yep, guilty.  But I recently stay at Clink 78 with good reason. So to a couple of weeks ago, where [...]

Hostel life: Top or bottom bunk?

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Top or bottom bunk? Honestly, I'm not just out to insult those of you that like sleeping on the top bunk.  For those of you who don't know what the Inbetweeners is, its a British [...]

Dorm Room Dilemma’s

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Dorm Room Dilemma's - say what you see.  This post is simply going to investigate those tough and awkward situations that often rear their fugly heads when sharing a hostel dorm room with a bunch [...]

Guesthouse Review: Golden Mango – Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Grab your sick buckets now because I warn you, this might get a wee bit mushy as my love for the Golden Mango knows no bounds.  I am about to heap praise on one of [...]

Hostel Review: Footprints – Otres Beach, Cambodia

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Located on Otres 2 in Sihanoukville, the Footprints hostel is a place to base yourself for a few days of doing very little.  Rigid with fear after a harrowing 4 hour bus journey (that should have taken [...]

Hotel Review: Villa Merry Lao III, Luang Prabang

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Its safe to say that our stay in Luang Prabang didn't get off to the best of starts.  Fresh off the bus from Vang Vieng, we were almost immediately introduced to Songkran as a huge gush of water flew [...]

Guesthouse Review: Chaleun Garden, Vang Vieng

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Blink and we might have missed it, but blink we did not and lurking between two restaurants showing endless re-runs of Friends we found the Chaleun Garden Guesthouse, a budget travelers dream. Staying at Chaleun Garden Basic but not [...]

Hostel Review: Vientiane Backpackers Hostel, Laos

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After 12 hour flight, a 16 hour overnight train and a slightly backwards border crossing it was  nice (understatement) to finally reach the first hostel of our 3 week SE Asia tour - Vientiane Backpackers. Vientiane Backpackers [...]

Announcing HostelBookers as our partner for Laos and Cambodia

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If you dont already know, in just a few days I'm off to explore Laos and Cambodia, two countries I should have visited a long time ago on my gap year, but failed miserably. Well [...]

Creating the ultimate hostel bunk bed

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Staying in hostels is an excellent way of saving money on the road, the trouble is, sometimes they dont provide the most comfortable nights rest.  There are any number of things that could keep you up [...]

Things you don’t want from your hostel dorm room

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All true and all horrific, if not a little funny looking back. This is an almost comprehensive list of all types of things I did not want from my hostel dorm rooms, but got, whilst [...]

Hostel Kitchens: Good and bad behaviour

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As a part of my hostel life series I've decided its time to lay down some rules surrounding hostel kitchens. From expereience I've learnt like a lot of others, that cooking in hostel kitchens can be a huge [...]

Dorm room behaviour: 10 step guide to pissing off your room mates

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I love a dorm room, the chance to meet new people and make friends.  On occasions however there are other people in the room who I would like to see fed to a pack of [...]

What to look for in a hostel

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Unless you’re flash packing and living it up in swanky hotel rooms, hostels will no doubt be your accommodation of choice whilst on your travels, but with hundreds around, how can you tell which are [...]

Dorm Room Etiquette

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If you’ve never slept in a hostel dorm room before, the first few nights can come as quite a shock.  There are a few unwritten rules that the majority of backpackers stick to, unfortunately there are [...]

The pro’s and con’s of hostel life

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Hostels aren't for everyone, they quite often don't afford you a lot of quality sleep, some people aren't comfortable with sharing rooms with strangers, expensive items have been known to go missing ... BUT! ... [...]

The downsides to dorm rooms

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Dorm rooms can be epic!  You can make some great friends staying in dorm rooms and some excellent parties, I for one love them and try to encourage people to try them at least once.  [...]