After just two nights in Lance Aux Epines we were sadly moving on.  I could have stayed at the Cassa Bella much longer, but there was more of Grenada to see.  Now when I say more of the country, I don’t necessarily mean the same island.  The country of Grenada as the world knows it is actually made up of three islands, Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinque.  We were off on the ferry from Grenada to Carriacou.

Grenada to Carriacou

For a small fee, Ray from the Cassa Bella was good enough to drop us right next to the ferry terminal in St Georges, and after some a quick purchase of our tickets (and a few god damn queue jumpers)  we boarded our ferry, paying $31 USD each for the privilege of a 2 hour cruise over the ocean.  We’d remembered to take the motion sickness pills that we’d been given, and good thing too as the journey  took us over an active underwater volcano named kicking Jenny, she was a bitch.  I don’t normally get sea sick, but even I had to go stand out the back of the ferry at one point.  I wasn’t sick, but I did feel pretty crappy.

Carriacou, Grenada

Arriving in Carriacou were had a stroke of luck when checking in at our accommodation for the next two nights.  Ade’s Dream had us down for the wrong room, we were meant to be in an economy room but they had us in some form of apartment.  Bottom line there was no more economy rooms left and as I’d printed out the email stating what we were to pay, that’s all we paid.  Upgrade ahoy.   I’m not going to lie, we did watch the satellite tv that came with our new room, we couldn’t help ourselves, we love a movie.  Whilst we waited to check in and watch movie’s however we took in a bit of deserved beach time. A lie down was needed to settle the stomach.

Carriacou, Grenada

 **Click me, i’m a widescreen image**

Carriacou was fairly quiet of an evening.  We had a nice if not simple meal at a local restaurant but evenings seemed to shut down by 9pm.  Maybe it was because Carriacou Carnival was just a few days away and everyone was saving themselves?

The next morning it was Valentines day, it started with a call to our room from a random tour guide trying to sell a island tour to us, seriously mate, on valentines morning, do one!  Awake and slighty irritated only one thing would help at this point, a romantic aftersun massages to sooth our red and peely British skin.  It almost like a scene from a movie, honest.   After our skin felt less leathery, we chilled for a bit and watched another movie.  It was a little nice to have some peace and quiet, and we let the midday sun pass before we headed out.

Our destination for the day was Paradise Bay, we knew nothing about it, but it sounded pretty nice.  Our method of transport was one of the small local buses which blared Caribbean music all along its seemingly made up route.  If we were back in England we’d have considered our bus journey a nightmare, it coincided with the local school kicking out.  At home that is a bad bad situation to be in, embarrassing even.  The crap the kids come out with, and the ones who try to sing or rap on the buses … i wouldnt wish it on anyone.  Here in Carriacou it was pretty cool though.  All the kids were friendly and said hi.  They all wore their smart uniforms and the little ones all had wicked braded hair.  I quite like our little bus journey, and it was cheap too, just £3 XCD (not even £1).

Paradise Bay itself (below) was a marvel.  It was gorgeous and pretty much deserted.  A man made spit meant that no harsh waves hit the bay and the water was crystal clear.  A tiny bar would provide sanctuary (and beer) from the sun.  We spent a good couple of hours there, just relaxing and enjoying life.

Carriacou, Grenada, Paradise Bay**Click me, i’m a widescreen image**

The Valentines evening out i’d promised Esther looked to be in danger come that evening.  Only a few restaurants seemed to be open, and those were all booked out.  We walked the main road through the capital of Hillsborough thinking that the tin of pringles in my rucksack may have to suffice, but then Esther spotted some fairy lights on the beach through a crowd of tree’s, with nothing to lose why not investigate.  What we found was a teeny tiny beach bar serving burgers and cocktails.  I know I know, she’s a lucky girl! … well actually judging by the pic below i’m a lucky lad.  Aint she cute!  As you can see, we had a beer or two to accompany our burgers.

Our time on Carriacou was short and sweet. The next morning we got up, checked out and went to board our ferry back to Grenada. Only trouble was that we’d got the times wrong and our ferry wasnt for another 3 hours or so, long! With little else to do, we chilled on the balcong of Ade’s Dream and took in the colourful views.

Carriacou, Grenada, Ade's Dream

Carriacou, Grenada

The colourful views didnt last though, minutes before we were to leave the balcony and walk down to board our ferry, the heavens opened. We left it as long as we could but had to make a run for it in the end, reaching the ferry I looked like i’d been in the worlds worst wet t-shirt competition. Sods law as soon as we step foot on the ferry the sun came out, even so, we were still wary that having got the ferry times wrong we’d taken our motion sickness tablets 3 hours too early but this time the journey was fine, I slep pretty much the whole way through it.

Arriving back on Grand Anse we met up with Jenny, Hannah and Ryan and were soon in the 4X4 heading back to La Digue. We had unfinished business in Grenada.

Grenada Index

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