Well that was fun!

My first ever trip to Denmark, my first ever trip to Copenhagen (duh!) and my first ever digital scavenger hunt, all in one action packed weekend.

As guest of Visit Denmark (@GoVisitDenmark ) and Generator Hostels (@GeneratorHostel), I made my way to Copenhagen along with 6 other Euro based bloggers to seek out and hunt down specific sights and landmarks all over the city.  It was a great group of ‘Copenhunters‘, and I think we all mixed really well as we drove around the city of segways and ate our own body weight in pizza.  Our hosts gave us some 15 different challenges to complete over the weekend, with varying degrees of difficultly and embarrassment (I had to take my first ever selfie), but I really did love the idea of the digital scavenher hunt and think it emabelled me to see parts of the city I might had missed, had I been left to my own devices.

Anyway, enough of me harping on, here’s the G+ story of those 4 days in Copenhagen.