Ah Paris. Fine dining – duck confit, onion soup, frogs legs and smelly cheese. Exquisite art – La Louve and the Monna Lisa within. Architectural marvels – the Effiel Tower, Notre Dame and the Galeries Lafayette. Love lockets, shopping, fashion, music, museums … err a hunchback and Disneyland??

OK so you probably knew all this already, Paris is hardly an original destination. However, I for one, living only a couple of hours away by train, have ashamedly never made the journey before. This weekend shall see my first footsteps within the French capital, and I am understandably tres excited.

This weekends getaway is in aid of my girlfriends birthday, she has more than enough bags and shoes already and so I decided a trip where I could utilise my C in GCSE French would be the best present a girl could receive. With the both of us Paris virgins, I thought I’d try find a slightly different way of experiencing a new city. We’d usually just take a walking tour, or failing that get hopelessly lost, but this time I’ve gone for something a little different … a segway tour. For an accident prone couple like ourselves this was/is a bit of a brave choice, also considering the quantities of wine we are sure to consume, it may prove a stupid choice, but still it is a choice that has been made and paid for, so no backing out now (eek).  On said tour we’ll take in all the big sites, but once that tour is finished we also hope to find a few gems of our own and track down a few more that have been recommended.  All in all it should hopefully prove a great weekend getaway.

Maybe you’ve been already and seen it all before, or maybe like me you’re a Paris newbie.  In either case, if you fancy seeing a few snaps of our weekend break, and just maybe discovering something new, just check out the map and photo grid below as it will populate with a whole host of live instagram vids and photos over the course of the weekend.  Cool huh?

Likewise whilst I hope to find a few gems for anyone reading this, if you know of anywhere you really think I should check out I’d love to here it, that would be sweet!

So, time to pack the bag and sort out my train tickets.  Au revoir London, see you in a few days.