I’m not a massive champagne fan and up until Monday i’d never tasted a macaroon in my life (scandalous I know), but last Monday the lovely people at Air France afforded me the opportunity not only change my views on champagne with a wee taster session, but to also get my first taste a macaroon.

The venue for the evening was a gallery called ‘The Salons’, located at The French Institute in South Kensington. Having only recently been to a travel massive in Kensington the area was fairly familiar. I arrived on time (for once) and collected my raffle ticket upon entry. I was in with a shot of winning two flights to Paris – fingers crossed.

For the first 30 mins or so we were given a chance to meet a few of the other guests whilst dining on some amazing canapes. Next up was a speech by the hosts who gave us the low down on Air France and their current work within the travel community.

Flavoured Balloons

An unexpected appetizer on the evening were a variety of flavoured balloons. An odd concept yes, but something everyone enjoyed. It was the gas inside the balloons that was flavoured, so in the way you’d in-hail helium from a balloon to make your voice go all squeaky, we sucked down tarte tatine and creme brulee flavoured air. The flavour wasn’t all that intense, but you could definitely taste the sweetness.


Ah yes, the part i’d been waiting for. On my invite to the evenings event Macaroons had been mentioned more than once and I was very much looking forward to trying one … in order to try one however we were first made to correctly answer a question on France, and we then had to spin a giant wheel to determine what flavour our macaroon would be. As you can see from the below, they were all pretty tasty. My fave was a 1+7 combo, NY Cheesecake + Strawberries and Cream.


The final act of the evening was the champagne tasting. Of the 4 champagnes on offer, we had to guess which was the supermarket champagne, which was the budget, which was the growers and finally which was the premium. It was pretty tricky as we werent told which was the lowest ranking out of the supermarket, budget and growers. I assumed the budget would be the cheapest bottle, but it turns out the growers was the cheapest. Anyway, out of the whole room, no one got all 4 correct. The best managed was 2 out of 4. Personally I got all 4 wrong, further confirming my already existing knowledge that champagne and me arent not a good mix.

I did learn however from our lesson that champagne is made from wine and not grapes, and the the chemical reaction that takes places when creating wine creates residue that craftily removed from the high pressure bottles before going to market. Pretty interesting stuff.

All in all a great night was had with a few familiar faces who I can only thank again. I sat happily on the train home peering into my goody bag which was swiftly taken from me by the Mrs before I even set foot in the front door once home. Ah well, you can have everything.