So the London 2012 Olympics is not too far away, just around the corner in fact and things in London all seem to be getting a bit serious.

  • The big city budgeters and number crunchers are worrying just how much debt the games will get us into and how long it will take to pay it off.  Montreal (1976), Greece (2004) and China (2008) all went well over budget and had/have massive money issues because of the games … that said, apparently Greece isnt a bad place to take a holiday this summer so it might be worth looking into some cheap flights to Rhodes – its nice, I’ve been there, check my travel diary entries for Greece.
  • There are factory and store owners who are getting mad because the roads their properties reside on will be shut, and said owners are worrying how they will be able to do business and take deliveries.
  • Commuters are worrying about the impact on their travel time and just how busy the tubes and buses are going to be … and god forbid there’s another strike.
  • And then there’s the airports.  If you listen to the reports it sounds like it will take you the best part of July to get through passport control at Heathrow.  That’ll be nice!


Worry, stress, delays, debt, worry, stress, delays worry, stress …

Well lets try and look at it from another point of view shall we?  How about a funny one, try and lighten the mood slightly?  Us brits are quite funny, without being too modist (ok just a little), we have some of the best comics out there and a lot of those comedians have had more than a few words to say on the Olympics.  I just thought i’d string a few of them together to provide you will a little giggle on the subject.  I hope you enjoy!

**warning contains swearing and jokes some may find harsh … probably best not to watch if you’re really easily offended.