The Colour Obstacle Rush – a 5k fun run with inflatable obstacles and coloured powder thrown against white t-shirts creating a rainbow of each runner. What’s not to like?




… oh and I’m bringing 3 friends with me.


Since when did you run?

Now I think this might be my first ever post that’s had anything to do with something which could be considered exercise – save my snowboarding posts, but then the snowboarding is usually countered in the health stakes by the apres ski and huge buffet dinners.

Truth be told, since I got back from my gap year and settled into a desk job (which I regularly try to escape), I’ve gradually become more and more lazy, and at Xmas it got back to a point where I was a chunk, as heavy as I’d ever been, and I felt all kinds of wrong. I knew I was over eating and not doing enough exercise, but I enjoyed the food and used it as a coping mechanism for a job I really wasn’t enjoying.

But then, after a really REALLY heavy weekend of booze and food I snapped. The hangover was too much, and so too the belly. I was one of those people who, at the turn of the year decided they wanted to shift the timber and start feeling less shi**y, I.e. living a slightly healthier existence. I also decided that with a tough looking start to 2016 (new job and moving house) that some more exercise wouldn’t be bad for my mental state either.

With that I was out running in the cold and wet on New Years day, and then 4 days that followed. For 2016 I’ve set myself a goal of running at least 365km, and I’m already 60% of the way there.

Of course running is a loose term, it was more like Bambi on ice in the army stages, as I somehow, breathlessly propelled myself forward for what felt like a never ending stint of pavement pounding … In reality it was a massive 2km.

It was a tad embarrassing begin with, but it was a start and something I have since been able to build on. Come late March I had kept up the hard work and completed my first 10km, and in under an hour (my goal time). I’m not often one to blow my own trumpet or be proud of myself, but that medal for the Hillingdon Borough 10km has pride of place at my bed side.

First 10k in the bag. Under an hour too so happy with that. #running

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So yeah, basically I run now … A bit. I like it. I also drink fruit smoothies.

… What have I become?

The Colour Obstacle Rush

So to the Colour Obstacle Rush in Windsor last weekend.

The premise was simple in that’s it was a 5k run with whole lot of inflatable obstacle fun thrown in for good measure, and then on top of that colourful powder commonly associated with Holi was added to make things … Well, a bit more colourful. Fun!

Looking like somewhat of an idiot (GoPro chest harness), along with 3 friends we made our way to the start line at 10am, having first signed in and received both our wrist bands (to gain access to the start line) and bright white t-shirts, which were soon to resemble more of a rainbow.

10am and off we set, but only after a quick aerobic session to act as a warm up.

Throughout the course of the day there were a number of different ‘Waves’ of runner, each containing at least a couple of hundred people, if not more. With so many people all wanting run, the waves idea was smart, and ensured that the party lasted all day.

A party is actually a better description than fun run. Of course running (or rushing) was involved, but it made up only one part of the event. There was a main stage with music, food vans, people in fancy dress, a big bouncy castle, and generally lots of people having a very good time.

Anyway, back to the race, which for our team (team Opal Fruit Days – if you watch Phoneshop you’ll understand) started at 10am in wave number 1. Yep we were out of the blocks first.

Was the race difficult? Not overly no. The blazing sun did add a layer of difficultly, but for the most part it was like ronsil and did exactly what it said on the tin – fun run. To my mind a couple more obstacles wouldn’t have gone a miss, and some of the obstacles were a tad basic, but that’s me nit-picking and just wanting to be a man-child and bounce on inflatables all morning. Of course the obstacles aren’t for everyone, and if you felt so inclined you could of course just run around them. There was no obligation to over exert yourself.

Along the course there was a water stop and a toilet (a single porterloo), and being totally honest there was no call to run absolutely every step of the 5k route. Quite a few rushers took to walking the course so that they could enjoy the sunshine a while longer, and it wasn’t uncommon to have to queue for a short (very short) time before taking on certain obstacles. Basically the Colour Obstacle Rush was all about fun, it was not the place to come and attempt a PB.

The Colour Obstacle Rush finished with a glorious free fall down an inflatable slide, at the bottom of which you were showered with yet more colourful powder and presented with your medal.

Colour Obstacle Rush Windsor

Right, I think that’s enough rambling from me. I think I’ve given you enough detail about the Colour Obstacle Rush, but just in case you had an doubts about what went on last weekend here’s the video I made of the event and a few photos to boot. Enjoy!

Colour Obstacle Rush Windsor

Colour Obstacle Rush Windsor

Colour Obstacle Rush

Colour Obstacle Rush Windsor


OK so like most festivals/big events nowadays, the cost of the Colour Obstacle Rush increases as the event date draws closer. Basically if you’re interested, buy your ticket early to pay the cheapest amount.

It also appears that different locations also had slightly different pricing.

In the case of the Windsor event I attended, I paid £28.00 for my ticket, plus as my friends and I booked as a group of 4, we also got a 10% discount.

For our fee, not only did we get entry into the Colour Obstacle Rush, we also got …

– Event T-shirt
– Free packet of coloured powder (more could be purchased on site)
– Official Finisher Medal
– A fun Pre Workout (workouts run every 30 minutes)
– The Finish Line Festival

Colour Obstacle Links

Website: *notice the spelling of colour/color*



Where in the world?

As per the website, Colour Obstacle Rushes took place across the UK this Spring, and a few are still to take place later this month and in June.

As you might have already guessed, my rush took place in Windsor.