A segway tour of Copenhagen may seem a little strange when Copenhagen mainly seems to consist of bicycles, so many bicycles! And bike lanes, almost as wide as the roads, and with their own traffic signals, incredible!

Copenhagen is definitely a city for transport by two wheels, but where 50% of all citizens commute by bike every day along almost 400 kilometers of cycle lanes, some friends and I chose went against the grain and chose another form of 2 wheeled transportation from which to explore this incredibly colorful.

Cycling in Copenhagen

Cycling is a big thing in Copenhagen!  As per the above, 50 % of all Copenhageners commute to work or school by bicycle, and collectively they cycle some 1.2 million kilometers a year (that’s the moon and back, twice).  By comparison, only 0.6 million kilometers is travelled by metro, and the metro even tries to accommodate for bikes with special bike ‘seats’.

I get it, Copenhagen is a beautiful city, why pay for the metro and miss all the colourful buildings above ground?  Cycling is also healthiers, cheaper, more environmentally friendly and it is generally considered to be quicker to cycle around town than take a car or by public transport.  In effect, there are actually few reasons not to explore Copenhagen on two wheels … except segways.

A segway tour of Copenhagen

Ah segways, such fun.  Yes you get looks from passers by, and yes there is an initial feeling of ‘I bet I look ridiculous’, but soon enough that feeling passes, as so do those stares from strangers.  Mainly because you leave them in your wake, and tear past them at a whopping 10mph (ish).  OK so its hardly Formula 1, but its still great fun and a very different way to go sight seeing.

Our tour of Copenhagen was with the guys from ‘Segways Tours Copenhagen‘ , and involved a full on 2 hour  guided sightseeing tour of the city.  Thats right, you’re not left to your own devices, there is a guide, and I found our guide to be a particularly nice chap, with lots of cool facts and stats about Copenhagen in his locker.  He even told us where to find the best ice cream in town.

Before we were let loose on the streets of Copenhagen, we were first fitted for helmets – safety first – and then given a little into into segway riding.  This took place in a closed off court yard area just around the corner from the Segway Tours Copenhagen office.  It was closed off and with no passing traffic or pedestrians, and was a nice safe place to learn how to operate/ride/drive a segway.

A couple of our group were a wee bit nervous about stepping up onto a segway for the first time, but in all honesty they each cracked the ‘art’ within about 2 minutes.  Honestly, its surprisingly easy.  We were guided through both forwards and backwards motions, breaking and how to steer.  Pretty obvious and pretty simple.  No sooner than 10 minutes later, we were out and onto the streets of Copenhagen.

A bit like this …

What is a Segway?

So you’ve now seen them in action, but what is a Segway?

A Segway is a two wheeled, self balancing, battery powered electric vehicle.  Using gyroscopes within the base of the unit, whether the devices moves forwards, backwards, left or right is determined by the riders body positioning.  So to move forward on the Segway you simply lean forwards, and to brake and ultimately reverse you lean backwards.  The further you lean, the faster you go, although the Segways top out at about 12mph, and are clever enough to automatically slow you down if you start to go too fast.  Turning left and right involves moving the T-bar you hold onto left or right, but NOT trying to turn or twist the bar.  Hint, it does not twist or turn, it only slides from side to side.

The segway was invited in Dean Kamen in 2001, and went into mass production the following year.  In 2014 you can pick up a Segway for around £4-5k, and for that money you get a vehicle with a top speed of 12.5 mph, and which can travel for around 16 miles on a single charge – dependent upon driver weight and style of driving.

Rules, times and costs etc

Intrigued by a segway tour of Copenhagen?  Fancy giving it a go yourself?  Do it I say, but just give the below a quick read through to ensure your OK to make a booking.

  • A 2 Hour Segway Tours cost 495dkk Danish Kroner ($89USD or €66 approx or ) per person
  • A 1 Hour Segway Tours costs 350dkk Danish Kroner ($64USD or €47 approx or ) per person
  • Reservations must be made
  • Helmets are mandatory
  • A Segway is suitable for persons between 45kgs – 113kgs (99lbs-250lbs)
  • If you are with child unfortunately you cannot take the tour.


For more details please see the FAQ section of the Segways Tours Copenhagen website.

Would I Segway again?

Well considering this is my second Segway tour within the past 9 months, its safe to say I’m a fan.  I took my first Segway tour back in January and saw Paris via two wheeled, self balancing, battery powered vehicle.

I appreciate that it may look slightly odd/weird/cringe/touristy , but as they say, a segway tour of Copenhagen, ‘don’t knock it till you’ve tried it’.  Most of our party worried about how they would feel and look moving around the city on a segway, but two hours later they were all positively beaming at the experience.