The cost of 3 nights in Pula, it’s been a long time coming this one.  In fact any kind of travel has felt like a long time coming.  The last time I left the country was back in May, to visit Mallorca with my family, and the last time I wrote a blog post was back in October.

I cant lie, a little time off from this blog has been good for me, and obviously coincided with my ‘lack’ (i’ve still not done too bad) of travel this year, but at least for the next month or so I’m back, starting with the cost breakdown of my very recent trip to Pula in Croatia.

Roman Arena, Pula

Now Pula, for those of you who do not know, is a medium sized city located in the north west of Croatia, in the area/county know as Istria.

With strong links to the Roman times Pula is a history buffs dream.  It’s also an ideal location for those of you looking to explore a part of Croatia that isn’t swamped by Game of Thrones fans i.e. Dubrovnik.

GOT is awesome BTW!!

Personally, Pula came onto my travel radar once I’d seen photos of it’s giant Roman amphitheatre, and videos of its Lighting Giant’s.   Naturally I wont go into too much detail about either of those right now, such details will follow in later posts. I have however added a few photos below which will give you some indication of what goodness Pula present to anyone who visits.  Might I also add that the coastline and national parks are also a massive draw!

The cost of 3 nights in Pula

So, what is the cost of 3 nights in Pula?  Well that bits easier, I’ve documented it all below, as I have done previously with trip to Paris, Copenhagen and Kerry (Ireland).

However I’ve also added a link to the route spreadsheet this time, so you can download and play with the currency rates.  This will allow you to more accurately predict your own costs in line with current currency rates.  Hopefully this is of some help, I certainly could have done with it myself, as at the time of my booking the flights the £ was OK.  Fast forward to sodding Brexit (still struggling to get my head around the leave vote), and the value of the £ was much weaker.

Anyway, here is the cost of 3 nights in Pula.

Spending £ $ HRK Notes
0.12 0.13 0.15 1 Change any of the £, $ or € rates on this row to update values accordingly
Flights 64.88 70.29 81.10 540.70 RyanAir – Return flights from Stansted to Pula
cashback earned 0.65 0.70 0.81 5.38 Topcashback
Apartment 152.57 165.28 190.71 1271.40 – 1 bedroom apartment in town centre
cashback earned 5.45 5.90 6.81 45.40 Topcashback
Airport Parkng 37.44 40.56 46.80 312.00 JetParks @ Stansted
cashback earned 0.66 0.72 0.83 5.54 Topcashback
Transfer from Airport to main bus station 7.20 7.80 9.00 60.00 Airport transfer bus. Limited number of runs per day.  Times can be provided at tourist info located within the Forum
Day 1
Supermarket shopping – water, snacks etc 12.00 13.00 15.00 100.00
2 scoops of gelato 1.68 1.82 2.10 14.00
Lunch – giant pizza + 2 beers 13.80 14.95 17.25 115.00 A restaurant named Jupiter, lovely place!  HRK value includes tip at 10%
Day 2
Bus to beach 2.64 2.86 3.30 22.00 Bus #2 down to Verdula beach
Cake and drinks 7.20 7.80 9.00 60.00
Bus back to town 2.64 2.86 3.30 22.00
Water 5.64 6.11 7.05 47.00
Souvenirs 7.20 7.80 9.00 60.00
Dinner – Pizza and beers 16.80 18.20 21.00 140.00 Restaurant called Pompeii Pizza.  Again very nice.  HRK value includes tip at 10%
Day 3
Burek and Coffee 1.80 1.95 2.25 15.00
Lunch – Cevapi and drinks 21.60 23.40 27.00 180.00 Totally overpriced, we got stung on the drinks here.  London prices! HRK value includes tip at 10%
Snacks 1.32 1.43 1.65 11.00
Day 4
Lunch – Pizza 16.80 18.20 21.00 140.00 Back to Jupiter for another giant pizza.  HRK value includes tip at 10%
Water 0.84 0.91 1.05 7.00
Souvenirs 2.40 2.60 3.00 20.00
Coffee 3.24 3.51 4.05 27.00 Jazz Café – cool place
Gelato 1.68 1.82 2.10 14.00
Transfer to airport from main bus station 7.20 7.80 9.00 60.00 Airport transfer bus. Limited number of runs per day.  Times can be provided at tourist info located within the Forum
TOTAL Spending Money inc airport transfer 133.68 144.82 167.10 1114.00
Cashback 6.76 7.32 8.45 56.32
TOTAL TRIP minus cashback 388.57 420.95 485.71 3238.10
TOTAL TRIP Per Peron 194.29 210.48 242.86 1619.05

Link to base spreadsheet – Pula_Budget.xls

Looking at the above, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion as I, that Pula is a very affordable travel destination.

I shall however clarify a few things.  The first being that the above does not of course include the cost of petrol money for travel between my house and Stansted airport, and then back again.

I should also add that owing to a poorly girlfriend and an entire day where the rain did not stop, we never made it onto a boat trip out to the Brijuni Islands.  I gather that the cost of said trips are around 200HRK.

Lastly you’ll have noticed that I deducted my cashback values.  If you’ve been following this site for any length of time you’l no doubt have heard me mention TopCashback more than once.  If earning money back versus your online spending is of any interest to you, and why wouldn’t it be? … you might care to check out this post I wrote about my overnight visit to Cambridge with TCB, it explains a lot about the cashback process and why you should get involved.

Pula in pictures

The Forum, Pula

Verdula. Pula

Roman Arena, Pula

Pula Castle

Roman theatre, Pula

Lighting Giants, Pula

So there you have it, the cost of 3 nights in Pula.

If I am 100% honest, whilst I enjoyed Pula, Zadar still sits top of my Croatian destination list, I adored that place.  Of course the rain and sick gf played a significant role in my enjoyment of Pula.  It is a cool place though, and 3 nights (assuming there is no rain and you can take a boat trip) is about right.

The coastline, the roman ruins, the Lighting Giants and the endless supply of pizza were all winners in my book.

Where in the world?

Cost of 3 nights in Pula