Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend the London Travel Massive in St Jame’s Park.  It was an event sponsored by the brilliant Frommers Travel Guides team.  Everyone in attendance has a great evening, networking and discussing all manner of travel blogging related subjects.  Frommers were brilliant hosts and bought with them a small selection of free travel guides and also have everyone the chance to get their mits on a brand new Ipad 3 … sadly I did not win that competition.  However, given out at the end of the event were some information packs which encouraged travel bloggers to get in contact if they wanted to work with Frommers in some capacity, so I did.  Bottom line they were kind enough to send me 3 copies of their Frommers guide to Croatia.

You can tweet Frommers here – @Frommerstravel or visit their website  here – http://www.frommers.com/

Now, i’m taking one with me to Zadar on my July mini break, but I think its only fair that I share the love and give the other two copies away to other backpackers.  So its competition time – would you like to win a copy of Frommers Travel Guide to Croatia?  If your answer to that question is a yes, carry on reading but please note the terms at the bottom of this post.

Croatia flag



Answer the questions below and email me your answers (neil@backpacksandbunkbeds.co.uk).  If you could put the email subject as ‘croatia guide competition’ that would be muchos appreciated.


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… shameless I know.


I’m staying in Zadar for 3 nights so I think thats the equivalent to 3 questions …

1.  Who did Croatia beat in their first game of Euro 2012 
(hint – bbc sports might be a good place to start)

2.   In Zadar there is a famous square containing how many wells?
(hint – google)

3.   What national park did I visit when I backpacked around Croatia in 2010.
(hint – I blogged about it so the answer is on this site, try looking at the travel diary option from my menu bar)

Closing date for entries:

All correct answers must be recieved by the 5pm on Friday 6th July

How will I know if i’ve won?

I’ll announce the winners on an updated version of this post and contact the winners directly via email for postal details.


  • This competition is open to only those currently living in the UK, or to those who will be visiting the UK this summer (2012).  Basically I cant afford to post these to the other side of the planet.  Sorry!
  • Entries close at 5pm on 6th July 2012
  • A winner will be randomly chosen and announced on this site
  • The winner will be contacted via email for further contact information


UPDATE 9/7/12

Congrats to the two winners chosen at random for this competition.  You’ll receive an email shortly to confirm delivery addresses etc.  Thanks to all others that took part!


  • Lucy Dodsworth
  • Grace Rice