ME:  Itchy feet, itchy feet, must travel, going mad, cant handle cubicle life, why wont it stop raining, must explore the world … please Roomorama help me?

ROOMORAMA: OK, no worries.

ME:  You guys are legends.  Oooh that apartment in Zadar looks nice, ooh and there are cheap flights too.  BOOKED and BOOKED!  See you later rainy London.

… In short, that is how I ended up in Croatia last week.  Having worked with Roomorama when I visited Oxford for my birthday back in April, I shot them an email on the off chance they fancied working together again this summer and again they sorted me out big time!   The mrs and I spent 3 nights in the sun drenched Croatian town of Zadar, home to the worlds first (and only I think) sea organ.  Its also beautiful, has beaches, a huge Roman influence and pizza & ice cream outlets as far as the eye can see.  What more do you people want?

If you haven’t booked an apartment through Roomorama before, here’s the low down on the general booking process and our booking in Zadar.

Searching for accommodation:

From the home page you enter your destination and dates, very simple.  On the next screen a list of properties will be presented.  Things such as budget and accomodation type are easily adjustable and the website will update the property list automatically in line with you adjustments.

Once clicked on, each property screen will show the user a collection of photos, a map location and give a quick description along with rates.  Widgets within the right hand sidebar provide property info such as checkin times and security deposits.  Amenities are also listed in a separate widget and highlighted where available.

Booking in Zadar:

The Roomorama booking process is a 3 step process.  Enquire – response from host – book if available.  This is all done through the website.  Automated emails will alert you to any booking enquires that you have made.  If your enquiry is successful, your booking will be confirmed once full payment is made.  Upon payment you’ll be asked to electronically sign an agreement basically stating you won’t smoke or trash the place, you must attached a form of ID to the agreement, I simply scanned my passport.

You’ll also be given a 6 digit payment code which you should pass onto your host once you have successfully checked in.

Dealing with the host:

Our Zadar host Ivana was very good to us.  Very quick to respond when I ask for directions and the check-in process.  Ivana almost instantly sent a map with directions to my personal email before detailing the directions and offering a lift (providing work wasnt scheduled that day).

Thank you for booking my apartment. Adress is Put stanova 10, it is easy to find from the bus station. I am sending you a map of the area and your route from the bus station is marked with blue colour. Just go straight and when you see a shopping mall at your left, turn right at that crossroad. Look for number ten. Me or my parents will give you the keys when you arrive, If I am not at work, I can even pick you up, it depends on time of your arrival. Do you know at what time do you arrive?
kind regards,Ivana

The apartment:

Purple would be a work to describe the apartment, another would be awesome …

Checking in:

Dead simple, Ivana’s parents live next door and simply handed us the key … they also handed us a beer :-)


The cost of a night at the various apartments is obviously decided by the host, this is the cost you will see against the apartments when search on the website.  Rates can be viewed in a number of currencies and  Roomorama will then add a 12% cost for their services to the apartment cost.

Payment options:

Personally I used paypal for my booking, but all types of visa’s and credit cards are accepted.  Pieces of eight sadly not.

Once your stay has finished:

So you’re back home, or have moved on from your Roomorama accommodation, you will receive 2 emails.  The first will ask you to review your accommodation.  Thumbs up or down and a few sentences to highlight what you liked or didn’t like. The second email will be the hosts review of you, yep as guest you’re rated too.  Your rating by your host obviously helps other hosts decide if its safe to let their properties to you … basically dont smash the place up people wont allow you to stay.

My honest opinion:

I cant thank Roomorama enough for helping us with our trip to Zadar.  Zadar itself was brilliant, but it helped massively having a great base from which to explore.

I’ve used Roomorama twice now, and on both occasions its been great, however on this occasion, things were a little different, maybe better.  As mentioned above, our host Ivana’s parents lived next door to the apartment we chose, so we actually got to spend a bit of time chatting with locals.   We shared some drinks and talked about the area, its history and sporting prowess.  I love meeting other travelers in hostel, but meeting locals is also another massive positive of travel.  Staying in a hostel in Zadar we probably wouldnt have experienced this, living like a local (although not so tanned and ripped) was a massive perk of our trip.

Would I use Roomorama again .. YES!