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25travels @25travelsJerick 25travels I’m Jerick from I blog about my goal to travel to 25 countries before I turn 25. I also write travel tips, destination guides and travel inspiration for fellow travellers or to anyone who have yet to take the first travel step! An interview with Jerick from
Backpacker Banter @bckpackerbanterChris Stevens  Basically on my site you’ll find heaps of reviews and advice from my RTW trip (you can find out more about it on my About Me page) as well as a good lashing (jesus I sound very British here!) of the chaos I cause along the way – and it goes without saying that there will be some surfing chucked in their too! A travel blogger interview with @bckbackerbanter
Man Versus World @themanversusworldSimon Petersen Man (simon) versus the world … but with a little help from his fiance haha.  Kiwi, journo and top lad, Simons site is packed full of amazing posts, covering not only his travels, but also the art of travel blogging.
Chrystal Clear @Chrystalclear_Chrystal-Clear What is Chrystal-Clear about? It is about me – Chrystal – a small town Canadian girl who works her way around the world entranced by culture and enthralled by history and ruins. I’ve lived in Canada, Switzerland, Thailand, Philippines, Argentina, and Morocco and explored even more. Follow my adventures as I strive to live the life I want as I travel our world. A travel blogger interview with @Chrystalclear_
The Further The Better @AllyToullecAnne-Laure Toullec Heading to Thailand?  Want to lean how to dive?  Well you might just want to ping Ally a little email as she’s the dive guru of Phi Phi!  Or if you’re interested in becoming a dive master yourself, Allys blog is a great insight into what the DMs do on a daily basis.
Walk Fly Pinoy @walkflypinoyPaul Xymon Garcia So I decided to bite the bullet and backpack Asia for six months. I began October 2011 and traveled through Singapore, India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Malaysia. The adventure continues a year hence as I relocate and re-relocate myself through various destinations in Asia. Please allow me to share my passions as I am hoping it will fuel yours, too.
Whats A Backpacker @XpackersDenis Kia ora, welcome to backpacker illusions.  hope u enjoy the dribble and scribble that is sloshed around these pages.  this blog is not so much about me per se, its more of a forum for me to comment and rant about all things travel related.  You will come across backpacker inspired themes, travel infused stories and the odd random photo that has nothing to do with anything.
The Travel Hack @TheTravelHackMonica Stott The Travel Hack is my brand new website following my journey as I try to make it in the world of travel editorial, travel writing and travel journalism. You’ll find some great tips and advice and hopefully some inspiration in there too. Enjoy! A travel blogger interview with Monica from
Jessie on a journey  @JessonaJourneyJessica Festa “Jessie on a Journey” was created in an effort to inspire others to travel the world. The magazine is not just about one person’s journey, but about the paths taken by all travelers. With a focus on budget, adventure, and philosophy, “Jessie on a Journey” provides tips and guides even the most savvy backpackers can appreciate.
Four Jandals @fourjandalsCole and Adela We are Cole and Adela, New Zealand’s leading adventure travel blogging couple. We have been travelling together and wearing out ourjandals around the world since 2009.Our main goal is to inspire others to travel. We want to do that by providing adventure travel tips and tales to help you step out of your comfort zone, in comfort.
Girl and the World @girlandtheworldNatalie Lyall-Grant is a solo female travel blog sharing anecdotes, destination guides, and tips and advice for anyone with an interest in travel. A travel blogger interview with Natalie from @girlandtheworld
Pack Your Passport @PckYourPassportBeverley Reinemann The focus of Pack Your Passport is to create inspiring, honest and informative content alongside travel tips, destination guides and personal stories targeted at backpackers, independent travellers, expats, travelling couples, solo female travellers, gap year travellers and fellow travel bloggers A travel blogger interview with Beverley of @pckyourpassport @theblondegypsyThe Blonde Gypsy Travel addict, wannabe writer, and iPhone photographer. Welcome to my life. A Travel Blogger Interview with Larissa, aka @theblondegypsy
The Traveling Ticker @RaghavmodiRaghav Traveling Ticker is my little project that I started to document my travels because I realized I was slowly starting to forget about details from my previous trips. I also love to cover events that I attend and try and give as many traveling tips as I can about places, be it cities or even airports. Since I am a Sagittarius and tend to get bored real easy, I try to mix things up with articles, interviews, first impressions, top tips, so you are bound to find a nice little variety when you visit. Thank you. An interview with @raghavmodi from Travelingticker
Trav Monkey @TravMonkeyTravMonkey Travel and tech guru Paul is the architect of the experience which is ever growing as the site is more of an online community nowadays.  Different authors can create their own profile, log in and submit their articles to be featured on keep an eye out for Pauls innovative LIVE BLOGGING posts which bring you real time tweets, check-ins and instagrams from locations around the globe.
Smiling Travel PhotosNomadic SamuelTravel Photography TipsTeach English Travel Overseas @nomadicsamuelNomadic Samuel Sam is one busy lad, not content with just one site, he’s now up to 4.  Writing about everything from backpacking, teaching overseas, how to take better pictures whilst travelling … and then taking hundreds upon hundreds of them himself, Sam is casting his travel blogging net far and wide in an effort to give you all the info (and photos) you’ll ever need when it comes to planning a trip of your own.
Bagpack Traveller @danielmurillomdaniel murillo mir If a picture does indeed speak a thousand words, then Daniel Murillo Mir’s and Ingrid Molano’s photojournalistic travel blog speaks volumes
The road to anywhere @roadtoanywhereDean Wickham I have created this site as a way for me to fulfill my passion for travel writing and photography, and to hopefully one day become location independent so that I can see more of this incredible world that we live in. I also want to be able to help and inspire people to get out and see the world. I honestly believe that travel makes you a much wiser, stronger person, and that it makes you see life so much clearer. One of my favourite quotes is this:
Flipnomad @flipnomadflipnomad is a compilation of my travel experiences around the Philippines and as well as other countries. I’m an ordinary and a typical guy who started traveling when I was a kid, together with my grandma and other relatives around Luzon, Philippines. I then ventured outside of my usual destinations when I reached  the age of 25.
One Step 4 Ward Travel SiteEarth TorchBest Family Travel Advise @onestep4wardJohnny Ward I’m a 20-something Irish guy who left Ireland at 18 to study my degree in International Economics in England. Since graduating in 2006 I have traveled, studied, worked, volunteered and backpacked around more than 50 countries across the globe… I’m not rich, have no wealthy benefactors and don’t sell my body from continent to continent to allow me to live like this! I redesigned my lifestyle and have loved every day since, you can do it too….
Adventures with Dan @AdventuresWdanDan Collins TBA
Tend to Travel @tendtotravelamer TBA
Rexy Edventures @rexyedventuresEd Rex Ah Rexy, where to start?  Maybe the most vain travel blogger out there?  Haha.  Great lad and just home from an epic gap year which took him through SE Asia, Oz, NZ and Fiji.  If you’re following a similar route any time soon and are looking for some tips or inspiration, Rexys blog would be a fine place to start.
Backpacker Becki @backpackersbeckiRebecca Enright is a solo female travel blog, driving travellers to new destinations and to visit the well-known, but with a focus on alternative sights and off the beaten track adventures. The essence of the information provided is from a backpacker’s perspective – travelling safely and cost-effectively – but with a focus on ‘travelling differently.’ A travel blogger interview with @backpackerbecki
RTWbackpackers @rtwbackpackersRTW Backpackers MEGA BLOG!  There’s not just 1 travel blogging running this show, but 6!!  6 top draw British travel blogs have pooled all their knowledge and skills to create an all powerful blog that will leave no gaps when it comes to advice on both travelling and running a travel blog.
Active Backpacker @activebackpackrTom ActiveBackpacker TBA A travel blogger interview with Tom from @activebackpackr
Never ending footsteps @NEFootstepsLauren 1st Class entertainment, thats what you can expect from Lauren of Never Ending Footsteps.  Never has one person got into so many questionable and laughable situations whilst traveling the globe.
Our Oyster @our_oysterOur Oyster Slow travel adventures and budget travel tips
That Backpacker @thatbackpackerAudrey Bergner Anyong! I’m Audrey and this is where I’ll be recording my world adventures and weekend wanderings. A Travel Blogger Interview with Audrey of @Thatbackpacker
Backpacking Travel Blog @BackpackingTB Samuel and Audrey met one fateful day in Itaewon. He regaled her with stories from Rajasthan while she indulged him with tales from Mumbai. Over the span of the afternoon they discovered their mutual desire to pursue a life of travel. The hours were spent swapping experiences from their extensive travels across Latin America, eating Turkish ice cream, dreaming of little towns in South East Asia, and wandering on foot as they got to know each other better. They’ve been together ever since.
On My Walkabout @OnMyWalkaboutNick K. I’m Nick and apparently now I’m a blogger and travel writer. I started this blog when I had some time off from work because another one of my friends passed on my info to their friends to prod me for travel advice on her upcoming trip.  I figured since people are always asking me this stuff anyways and I’m always teaching others how easy travel and experiencing the interesting things in life can be, I may as well tell everyone.
A Couple Travelers @AcoupletravelerA Couple Travelers Vicky and Dave have been working endlessly to make their blog something to be proud of and something readers can enjoy. They’re really looking to be a valuable resource for you and getting to the very heart of the information that matters. How to get from A to B. How much does it cost to travel, to run a website? What did we pack, safe, etc? They don’t consider anything private and they market that as potentially the one area where we differ from most travel blogs – so come see for yourselves! A travel blogger interview with Dave of @acoupletravler
Leah Travels @L_e_a_hLeah Travels With a severe case of wanderlust, Leah lives by the motto, “Life’s too short to live with a someday mentality.” When she’s not in Houston dreaming about travel, she’s being groped by airport security, getting her passport stamped, seeking out street food that won’t make her sick, and writing all about it on LeahTravels.
Around the world in 80 jobs @80worldjobsturner The intent of this blog is 4-fold.1-To find my muse (gainful employment and/or hot girl who doesnt speak english)2-To travel & live overseas (hopefully not in complete squalor)3-To fund these escapades by doing interesting jobs and chronicling what happens when you give the road map the finger4-To show other people job opportunities overseas so that they too can give the road map the fingerThanks for joining me on my path towards enlightenment, or possibly complete self-destruction.
I Backpacker Travel @IbackpacksliceTravel Blog Slice Fellow videographer and soon to be author (of a real book, not an ebook), Slice is the man behind I Backpacker Travel.  His site includes his personal travel blog, tips for backpackers, photos, videos (duh), and more.
One Trailing Spouse @EmilyemcgeeEmily E McGee  Emily E. McGee has lived in Africa, the South Pacific, and three states in four years. She pays the bills by writing for various educational companies, but she’s happiest when writing about travel. Emily and her husband live life on the go, and they are currently living in Nairobi, Kenya. Emily writes about travel, and life as a trailing spouse at One Trailing Spouse. A travel blogger interview with one trailing spouse (@emilyemcgee)
Going  @willpeachWill Peach  Online travel magazine inspiring around the world travel
My Spanish  @myspanishadvWill Peach One man’s quest to learn Spanish while travelling the country and living on the cheap An interview with Will from @myspanishadv
Dont Fly  @dontflygodontflygo Overland travel site focusing on sustainable and ethical travel trips and more
Travel Sex  @TravelSexLifeTravelSexLife Sex on the road and the liaisons of travellers abroad An interview with Michael from @travelsexlife @travelink_sitesTraveLinkSites Interviews with top travel bloggers on the business and destinations they love
Groove  @GrooveTravelerGrooveTraveler Exploring the world through music
Will @willpeachWill Peach The anti-travel blog that people love to hate  An interview with Will from @myspanishadv
Travel @Kiri_BumpkinKiri Bumpkin  Travel Bumpkin is my personal travel blog that follows my travelling life, offers advice for fellow travellers and throws in some awesome photography from Roscoe, my photographer fella An interview with @Kiri_bumpkin of
Blonde in the @charleymarleyCharley It took me until I was 19 to get on a plane. Once it happened, it was hard to stop! So this is where I write about city travel, documenting the places I visit and the places I’m yet to explore, as well as travel tips and secrets you can find in your favourite city.  Coming soon
On the @lucydodsworthLucy Dodsworth  I’ve always loved to keep travel journals and make up albums of my trips (with tickets stuck in, maps of the route and neatly typed labels naturally) and after 20+ years of travelling I’ve picked up a few good tips (and stories…). So I hope to use this blog to share some of my favourite places, photos, travel tales and tips to give inspiration and ideas to anyone else who is trying to combine a love of travel with work, love, friends and everyday life.  Coming soon
 Traveling 9to5 @travelling9to5Traveling 9 to 5 We are Josh and Caroline Eaton, who after working in the corporate world decided to sell (almost) everything we owned and travel the world for a year, opening ourselves to new opportunities and an unknown future. A Travel Blogger Interview with Caroline of @traveling9to5
Stop Having A Boring Life @bloggeriesRob Rob’s motto is “you’ll never know unless you go” and he’s been traveling the world on his own terms since 2009. His goal is to see the world and have the most complete life possible while earning income online.
 Traveling 9to5 @travelling9to5Traveling 9 to 5 We are Josh and Caroline Eaton, who after working in the corporate world decided to sell (almost) everything we owned and travel the world for a year, opening ourselves to new opportunities and an unknown future. A Travel Blogger Interview with Caroline of @traveling9to5 @expertvagabondMatthew Karsten ☆ Hi. My name is Matthew. I’m a travel addict.  My goal here is to inspire & entertain you with stories, advice, & photos from around the world. Sharing my long-term travel experiences — both good and bad. @DocWendsJourneys and Travels Travel blogger, writer, poet, photographer, author, abstract artist who paints, inspirational speaker and a PhD under my sleeves! @AgnessTrampAgness Travelling around the world like a tramp on less than $25 a day.  My friend Cez and I (Agness) call ourselves tramps, because we live without permanent home and for under 25 bucks a day, since 2011. While travelling the world, we find the time to write about it, share the tricks to do it cheaply and even help other people do the same. Come along with us! @grrrltravelerChristine Kaaloa GRRRL TRAVELER pens everything from her travels (tips, insights, woes and inspirational humor), her work in reality TV and her life as an expat living in South Korea. Whether traveling solo as a single female or with friends, surviving travel is about finding GRRR!, exploring one’s independence and empowering oneself as a traveler by navigating cultural diversity while experiencing the bizarre, foreign, frightening and often times, funny.
@SuitQaisDiariesAdrian Qais Born in England and raised in Oman (Middle East) Adrian Qais has backpacked, worked, volunteered and lived in over 40 countries –  living on a desert island for 3 months, getting kidnapped in Africa, getting lost 74 feet underground and, amongst other things, swimming with Sperm whales. For the next 2 years he’ll be undertaking a unique programme of language study, work placement and homestay in Japan