In case you’ve been hiding under a rock this past week, you’ve probably seen and heard many a’ conversation and TV show referring to time travel, and more specifically the Back To The Future Trilogy.

Now I’m an 80’s child, so the Back To The Future Trilogy (along with Indiana Jones and Star Wars) holds a rather special place in my heart.  I wanted to be able to skateboard and play guitar like Marty, to own a Delorian, and of course to be able to travel into the past and/or future.

Now travel wise (or any other wise) I cannot predict the future, but statistics from VisitEngland have shown a recent rise in the number of Brits choosing to holiday in the UK.  I suppose I am one of those statistics in 2015, having taken 2 separate trips to north Wales, and another staycation to the Cotswolds.

Now the staycation in the Cotswolds was an entirely new experience for me, but the trips to north Wales both bought back floods of nostalgia.  Good nostalgia too.  Sitting on the beach one sunny day in Abersoch bought no end of happy thoughts and feeling experienced from family holidays past.  Equally when in Snowden earlier this month, the thought of spending a day in a slate mine filled me with dred … although in truth the 2015 cave experience far outweighed those from  when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old.

I guess the trouble with holidaying the UK might be the lack of sunshine and warmth, or the lack NEW experiences.  That said though, I have had some terrific holidays on these shores, and from them have formed some very happy memories.

In no particular order, here goes with some of my most distinctive childhood holiday and travel memories #takemeback

  • Peddle beaches, and cowering behind a wind-breaker … it was usually cold
  • Old fashioned stripy deck chairs
  • Sand Castles … which my sister promptly destroyed
  • Fishing off of Brighton Pier with a plastic rod that caught zilch
  • The arcades at Hastings and collecting 1000’s of tickets which when traded in earned you a plastic comb
  • Penny arcades … I’m still waiting for that big win
  • Fun fairs, and more specifically the dodgems
  • Water fights with good old fashioned water balloons, none of this supersoaker nonsense
  • Super bold seagulls swooping in to steal my vinegar laden chips
  • Caravans and chalet park holidays, and feeling very sick having eating an unhealthy amount of werthers originals on the drive there
  • Being bored out of my skull in Welsh caves
  • Leaving my bum bag (yep, you read that correctly – bum bag) at the top of Snowdon and making my dad go back and get it
  • Visiting the Mary Rose in Portsmouth, and ripping my shorts whilst climbing on an old cannon.
  • Collecting ALL of the different colour sands in Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight
  • Camping with the scouts and toasting marshmallows around the fire while singing kumbaya
  • That first trip to Florida and going on the Back To The Future ride at Universal Studios :D

old deck chairs on brighton pebble beach

penny slots

camp fire

bucket and spade


Now those are just a few I can remember off the top of my head, and whilst they don’t all sound like positive memories, I still hold them in the highest regard and smile at the thought of them.

The above were essentially my introduction to travel, backpacking and eventually blogging, and while at the time I might not have been buzzing about them all, I’m glad I did, and would now jump at the chance to (be young) and experience them all over again.

Take me back!

Photo credits: 1. Les Chatfield 2. Peter-Ashley Jackson 3. Harry Thomas 4. Garry Knight 5. Prayitno