So so many photos!  In fact I backed up my photos last night owing to my Macbook playing silly buggers and not booting up at the first 7 attempts (lucky number 8), and there were over 15,000 files to copy over to my portable hard drive.


That seems an utterly crazy amount at first, but then when I think about it and take into account my 3 different cameras, 6 lenses and 9 different photography apps that come everywhere with me, maybe its not all that surprising. There were a lot of these photos that are worthy of being preserved for a lifetime. It is time for another Photobook printing again.

Anyway, today I am here to bring you an amazing competition all to do with photo memories.  How did Chief Seattle put it? …

“Take only memories, leave only footprints”

The competition is being run by the guys at Photoworld, and will run for the next 4 weeks, with a new theme each week.  Essentially, Photoworld want to see your best photo memories and are giving you 4 different opportunities to do so.  In return they’re offering an fantastic looking Lytro Camera as a top prize. Full details are given below (and via the above link), but before we get to that part, Photoworld have asked me to get the ball rolling with my chosen photos for each of their 4 themes, so here we go …


Is it weird to have a family based photo with no actual family in it?  Probably, but these ancient tombs, seen from the banks of the Çayı River in Dalyan, Turkey, were the backdrop for my sisters wedding last year.  A wedding she expected only extremely close friends and family to attend, but which in the end saw some 40 of us make the journey out to Turkey and experience a wedding like never before.



Just like my family, I value my friends dearly.  Whether I’ve known them for years or just a matter of days, my friends are my friends and a massive part of my life.

Meeting new people and making new friends is a big part of travelling for me.  Its funny, at home in London I’m actually considered to be quite quiet and reserved, but when on the road obviously something happens upstairs in my head which tells me to ditch that side of my personality, and to go out and meet new people, even if it means stepping outside of my comfort zone.  As such, unlikely friendships can form in all manner of unlikely places.

None more unlikely than in Sri Lanka, a country I picked to volunteer in despite knowing little about the country, despite it being in the middle of a civil war, and despite (although quite obviously) not knowing a single word of Sinhala.  But despite few factors appearing to be in my favour, I made a whole host of friends with in the school I was placed in.  The kids I taught were amazing, and I still struggle to believe how well we got on and how much fun we had despite our language barrier.  The teachers were also super kind, and one fellow sports coach even had me coming to his for dinner, playing football with all his mates, and even attending his cousins wedding which was crazy.

Some more of the Ja Ela team and I at the tourno, Sri Lanka


Wow, tough one! More than a few leading candidates for this category, but I’ve gone with the below on the basis of not being able to remember another time where I was so excited to take a photo – if that’s makes sense?

I’d only gone outside on the off chance that the Aurora might have kicked up, but I wasnt hopefully.  Over the course of my weekend in Iceland, I’d been steadily watching a variety of online prediction tools, and had already been lucky enough to see the lights once, but on my final night in Reykjavik I thought, whats the harm in going outside to have a look just one more time?

The adrenaline and excitement when I looked skywards,  the anticipation of seeing how my camera would capture the magical sky above Reykjavik on that night once I had run back inside woke the mrs and grabbed all my camera gear.  The whole thing was just such a buzz and really made me appreciate how lucky I am to be able to travel and see such incredible sights.

Reykjavik Northern Lights


I don’t want to sound like a stick in the mud, but I have never really been one for birthdays, or celebrating a new year, they just don’t do it for me for some reason. But, back in 2013 when I was spending some time in Luang Prabang with my girlfriend, all of a sudden it all just came together, and I found myself celebrating my 29th birthday by participating in a wet wet Thai/Loas new year celebration know as Songkran.  Oh the fun, the happiness, the sights, the sounds, the soakings at the hand of supersoaker and bucket wielding locals.   No one was safe, or dry!

It was just the best!  … and I didn’t realise it was even happening until jumping in a tuk tuk one morning and getting a bucket of water thrown in my face haha.  That series of events would be repeated many times over the next few fun filled days.

Laos new year

How To Enter

  1. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter @CEWEPhotoworld
  2. Tweet your favourite photo related to the week’s theme to us@cewephotoworld using the hashtag #weprintmemoriesDon’t forget to include the hashtag in your tweets people!
  3. Each week you share a photo counts as one entry – so entering every week increases your chances of winning.

Dates and themes

  • Family – 15th to 21st Sept 2014
  • Friendship – 22nd to 28th Sept 2014
  • Travel – 29th Sept to 5th Oct 2014
  • Celebrations – 6th Oct to 12th Oct 2014


You’re not obligated to post a photo every week to enter, but the more entries, obviously the more chance you have of winning! Photoworld will also be sharing their favourites throughout the 4 weeks, so keep an eye on your Twitter feed to see if yours gets retweeted.

The Prizes

  • 1st – 16GB First Generation Lytro Camera, £250 worth of John Lewis vouchers and £250 CEWE PHOTOBOOK voucher.
  • 2nd  – £100 CEWE PHOTOBOOK vouchers to spend at CEWE Photoworld
  • 3rd – £50 CEWE PHOTOBOOK vouchers to spend at CEWE Photoworld


Winners will be chosen at random at the end of the competition. 

Full competition details here.

So what are you waiting for? Go dig out those old photos, relive some of those memories, and win yourself some goodies in the process.