I like driving in my car, but is most certainly not a jaguar!  It’s actually a VW Passat and a bit of a tank, but I love it all the same.  That was a Madness reference there, just in case you didn’t get it.

Anyway, cars, roadtrips, awesome right?  Hells yeah, I love me a roadtrip, and am actually soon to undertake a mini roadtrip adventure through the Carpathian Mountains in Romania.  Joining me are a few names you may recognise from other travel blogs and previous adventures – @backpackermacca @thecounterintui and @PeterChurchill7 ).  Four of us lads in a small rental car on a remote mountain range, what could go wrong?  It’s going to be seriously awesome and I cannot wait.

For the record, Romania wont be my first, oooohh no.  In the past couple of years I have set out with friends to explore both Ireland and Scotland by car.  Discovering snowy mountain ranges, jagged coastlines, fairy tale esq glens, deserted beaches, historic castles and incredible UNESCO sites.   I even made a whole series of Vlogs whilst motoring around Ireland … but they were pretty terrible.

Both of those trips were utterly brilliant, and should you win this competition I would highly recommend either Ireland or Scotland as your chosen destination.  That of course would be your decision though, I’m just hoping that my Romanian mini roadtrip is half as good as those I took in the emerald isle and bonnie Scotland.

The Competition

Right, enough about me and my failed Vlog antics whilst on the road, lets get down to business, your chance to win a £1000 roadtrip courtesy of Enterprise Rent a Car UK.

It’s really easy truth be told, and pretty good fun. All you need to do is tell the world what your road trip essentials are. It’s as simple as that. Just take a picture of your essentials and share it with them on Twitter(@UKEnterprise) or Instagram (@enterpriseUK) using the hashtag #OpenRoadEssentials and you’re all set, your name will be in the hat.  There are actually 2x £1000 roadtrips up for grabs, so double the chance of hitting the jackpot.  Bonus!

Need a bit more info before submitting your entry?  Click here to find out more about the competition.

My Roadtrip Essentials

Ok so here are my #OpenRoadEssentials, some are pretty standard, but a couple from left field also perhaps.  What do you think?  Would you take any of these, or would your items be entirely different?

  1. Iphone – GPS, google maps, camera and general blogging exploits.  My modern day swiss army knife
  2. Sunglasses – for driving along sunny roads  Although as they’re not prescription I have to wear them over the top of my normal glasses and look a wally.
  3. In car charger – what is a roadtrip without an epic soundtrack?  If there is no Iphone battery, there is no soundtrack.
  4. Haribo – much like music, no roadtrip is complete without a few chewable goodies
  5. Toilet roll – Err, in case you’re caught short and have to find a bush.
  6. Hand sanitizer – see point above and you will understand the need for this.
  7. Travel diary – always doodling and taking notes for future blog posts.
  8. Board shorts – depending upon where you are in the world, there’s always a chance that a cannonball opportunity will present itself somewhere along your route.
  9. Mates – all roadtrips are best shared with friends.  Depending upon how good a’ mates you are, you may also choose to share your Haribo with them … maybe.
  10. Shotgun – not literally, that would be madness,  but we all know the front passenger seat is where you want to be if not driving.  The rule of shotgun is universally known and accepted.


open road essentials

So that’s me, what about you?  What makes your list of essentials.  I look forward to seeing your pictures and wish you good luck in the competition.  Its an awesome prize!