I will never get tired of emerging from Camden underground station.  Rising up from the stuffy, yellow tiled station into the light and a sea of colour.  From the Mohawk wearing punks in their faded leather jackets to the lego haircut indie kids in unbelievably tight jeans, no one is afraid to express themselves in Camden.  Even the buildings have game, your average shop front is nowhere to be seen, giant earrings, shoes and dragons (yes dragons) adorn the spaces over shops entrances, enticing people to feed their shopping habit and to part with their cash. If the shops dont do it for your the famous market will, wheel and deal you way to a bargain.  Then there’s the food, oh the food – curries, pad thai, noodles, spices, deep fried stuff smothered in a sauce I cant even tell you the name of … nom nom nom.  Shopped out and full up?  Time to hit the bars and nightclubs around the Lock.  I’ve had some of he best nights of my life watching gigs and/or clubbing in Camden.   Just a pain that it takes me so bloody long to get home come 4am.

Do you love Camden too?

Camden Lock

The Competition:

So to the competition, that why you’re here right?  Its cool, we all love to win things.

The prize, well much like a few of the other competitions I’ve run on this site, the prize isnt massive in terms of scale, but it is pretty cool. Teaming up with the guys at The Aurum Publishing Group, the prize is a brand new book entitled Camden Lock and the Market by Frances Lincoln.

A unique piece of London, cradle of design talent, heartland of the capital’s music scene, multicultural melting pot, Camden Lock is the world’s most iconic market.

The story of Camden Lock is one of dereliction and rejuvenation. Fortunes have been made, and lost, overnight. Craftspeople have become internationally known artists. Struggling storeholders have built up fashion empires. Author Caitlin Davies tells all these stories and more in this illustrated history full of personal memories and previously unpublished images.

This brightly coloured 170 odd pager  is a photo heavy (in a good way) journey through time, a historical documents if you like, of what events too place to create the Camden Lock and Market we know today.  I’ve had a quick flick through and some of the visuals are incredible, and I must say just skimming through the first two chapters I learnt quite a bit about Camden that I didn’t already know.
As I said, its not a massive prize, but if you’ve ever experienced Camden for yourself I’m sure it’d interest you to sit down and have a read.

How do you win?  Just follow the below steps, It’s real easy I promise!


Step 1:

Like my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BackpacksandBunkbeds … shameless I know, but I will check.

Step 2:

Tweet about this competition by clicking on this button (do not delete out the hashtag) –

… That’s it, you’re entered.  Thanks very much.

Closing date for entries:

Hmmm, shall we say July 31st 2013.

How will I know if I’ve won?

I’ll announce the winner on an updated version of this post and contact the winners directly via twitter for details.


  • Entries close at 5pm on 31st July 2013
  • A single entrant will win the book
  • The winner will be randomly chosen from all correct entries and announced on this site
  • The winner will be contacted via twitter for further contact information
  • The book cannot be swapped its cash value
  • This competition is open to only those currently living in the UK, or to those who will be visiting the UK this summer (2013).  Basically I cant afford to post these to the other side of the planet.  Sorry!