I love a dorm room, the chance to meet new people and make friends.  On occasions however there are other people in the room who I would like to see f[...]
backpacking vs flashpacking
With travel becoming easier and easier, its no wonder that more and more people are spreading their wings and travelling to distant lands.  Some trave[...]
Once my volunteer project was over and people started heading home i decided I didn’t want to. Instead I changed my flight and booked myself on the Ba[...]
Cape Tribulation Sunrise
When I was working my way up the east coast of Australia it was evident that Cairns was the last stop for most people.  I suppose it was logical, it h[...]
I’m large, fact! I’m 6ft 2’ and have a waistline that seems to have a prolonged bloatedness about it. This combo does not bode well when in transit fo[...]
volunteer south africa
21 and having never left my parents home for any length of time, I knew something wasn’t right.  The buzz of turning 18 and being able to go out drink[...]
spot x
Much like my posts on the Kiwi Expeience, this post covers the east coast of Autralia via the Oz Experience. The Ox experience is hop on, hop off back[...]
sopot, poland
I landed back from a joint stag weekend in Sopot, Poland yesterday.  Safe to say i’m still in a period of recovery, but whilst i’m still o[...]
Rhodes castle
Travelling on crutches isn’t particularly easy, getting to the airport, getting on the plane, hitting people on the head whilst you store them ‘safely[...]
The Kiwi Experience is an awesome hop on, hop off backpacker bus which transports travellers far and wide across beautiful New Zealand. In 2007 i spen[...]

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