top 5 travel destinations to revisit
Despite the title of this post, the idea of revisiting a favourite travel destination isn’t something I am entirely comfortable to be honest.  B[...]
So today is the day, the big three zero.  Yup, I am now 30 years of age. It is for 3 of those 30 years that I have been blogging on this here site, do[...]
Hostel bunk
Well that was different, and not entirely what I was expecting, or prepared for.  First off I was expecting snow, of which there was none, and secondl[...]
Best of 2013
Not bad for an office bod.  Despite spending a large portion of my year sitting at a desk in a freezing cold west London office block, travel over the[...]
So you have made it through the bitter cold of winter.  Spring is in the air, you’ve hopefully paid off the Christmas credit card bill(s) and no[...]
So my travels for 2013 are almost over.  Despite having a good few months of the year left to go I have plowed through pretty much the entirety of my [...]
Resort holiday with a suitcase or cross-continent trekking with your trusted backpack? When it comes to choosing a trip, which is the best for you?  B[...]
Now I realise I’ve already done a 2012 summary post, but some very nice peoples, namely Ari of BeyondBlighty.com and Charlie & Ben of Wander[...]
Tis’ that time of year to once again wrap up what has been a pretty decent (probable understatement) year for travel here at www.backpacksandbun[...]
Volunteering Sri Lanka
With the Olympics now underway and the competition for the coverted bronze, silver and gold medals hotting up, our friends at  lowcostholidays.com are[...]

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