I’m not perfect when it comes to travel, I make mistakes. Whilst I’m left to organise holidays and trips with friends because I enjoy the organisation[...]
Thailand trains
Taking the train(s) from Bangkok to Vientiane was one of my favourite experiences from my mini tour of Laos and Cambodia.  It was pretty much the firs[...]
Siem Reap to Bangkok
Siem Reap to Bangkok is quite a common route for backpackers travelling around South East Asia, but even so getting from one to the other can sometime[...]
Black moon party
Black Moon Parties, whats the deal?  Why do people only seem to care for and blog about Full Moon Parties?  Ok so they’re usually on a larger sc[...]
kao samui, thailand
Back again.  A mere 2 years after my last visit I was back.  The stories I’d heard about Thailand whilst travelling around Oz and Nz had left me with [...]
floating markerts, bangkok, thailand
GOD! … IDIOT! Well I can’t quite remember what I wrote in my last blog thingy but basically I got the day I was leaving sri lanka wrong so had to spen[...]

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