hikadduwa, sri lanka
Six weeks are up, off to India on Sunday. Pretty much ready to leave, think 6 weeks was about right. Dunno if I’ll stick out 6 weeks in India though, [...]
adams peak, sri lanka
Hi, Five weeks today I’ve been away now. Strange how this time it seems to have gone so much quicker than last year in SA. So carrying on from l[...]
ja ela, sri lanka
As I write this I am in a great deal of pain having been gang raped, bitten, by a monstrous group of mozzies! My back currently looks like an unfinish[...]
hikadduwa, sri lanka
Seconds out round three! Yep third week been and gone already. Supposed I’d better write about it hadn’t I … Right then, my weekend [...]
kandy, sri lanka
Captains log, star date 333679669.6 …. been here almost two weeks now, which is quite sad in a way as I’m a third of the way through my Sr[...]
ja ela, sri lanka
Hey, so i finally found an internet cafe thingy – scandeously priced i might add! Right so where am I? … Sri Lanka that its, so if your si[...]

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