So today is the day, the big three zero.  Yup, I am now 30 years of age. It is for 3 of those 30 years that I have been blogging on this here site, do[...]
ONE AT A TIME FATTY! The bathroom scales scream at me in utter agony as I gingerly lower just one chocolate and turkey filled toe of my ever expanding[...]
ayers rock
 “I regret travelling around the world; I wish I’d stayed home instead,” … said no-one ever. The open line to my friend Simon’s recent pos[...]
The artist that is Dan of AdventureswithDan.com recently wrote an interesting article about how he’s sometimes an ignorant traveller, as no doub[...]
Having been tagged by Jerrick over at www.25travels.com , its now my turn to take up my ABCs of travel. Here goes. Here goes my ABCs of Travel: A: Age[...]
As fares rise AGAIN in 2012, the London underground is obviously the place to be. The most luxurious and time efficient transport system in the world [...]
chatup fail
I’m am not what you call a ladies’ man, I’m not the hunchback of Notre-Dame (nice bloke), but I’m far too geeky and awkward to smooth talk a piece of [...]
Last night I went to see Goon at the cinema. Its about a fella who’s not the brightest, but who has decent morals and an amazing ability to punc[...]
seat hogs suck
When flying I’m a window seat kinda guy.  I look to look out at the cloud passing by, and I also like that I can rest my bonce on the airplane wall (t[...]
understanding languages
I like the favourite button on twitter, I tend to use it as a bookmark and highlight articles I haven’t got the time to read at that very moment, but [...]

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