Derry or Londonderry?  Which ever name you choose to use, this city on the northern coast of Northern Ireland is an incredible place to visit due  to [...]
Slieve League, Donegal
Slieve league hosts the highest sea cliffs in Europe.  Whilst the Cliffs of Moher further south in Country Clare take much of the cliff admiration aff[...]
Silver Strand Donegal
Silver Strand Beach, Donegal was one of the highlights of a roadtrip around Ireland in April of last year.  In making a slight error when booking our [...]
Black Taxi Tour, Belfast
There’s never any guarantee’s, but we should be fine.  There hasnt been any trouble in a while, and June is usually when it stirs up a bit[...]
road trip to northern ireland and ireland
So thats the Ireland roadtrip all done with. 9 Amazing days and a lot of miles covered within that time, but every one totally worth it.  There were a[...]
Cliffs of Moher, ireland
The cliffs of Moher are located in west Ireland, stretching along County Claire’s Atlantic Coast.  At their highest they stand 214m tall and str[...]
Day 6-9 Mini Summary: Day 6 – Drive from Galway to Limerick via the cliffs of Moher -  It was a fairly straight forward coastal drive in the sun[...]
Galway Wier
Day 5 Mini Summary: We left Angela’s around 10 min the morning and headed straight to Galway.  Our original plan had been to hit Galway via West[...]
Slieve League, the highest cliffs in Europe aka Bunglass Sea cliffs, donegal
Day 4 mini Summary: After checking out of the Malinbeg hostel we took a slight detour on our route to Sligo on a recommendation of Frank, the Malinbeg[...]
Ireland Roadtrip day 3 Donegal Malinbeg Silver Strand
Day 3 Mini Summary: Checkout out of our Derry hostel around 10am and drove to the town centre, parking right next to the tourist info centre.  Within [...]

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