Grenada is a beautiful country and I took a LOT of photo’s whilst there. But even with all the photo’s I took of glorious beaches and stun[...]
Normally when I write a ‘top 5‘ post, it would only cover a single town or city.  It feels slightly strange writing a top 5 surrounding a [...]
Grenada, Belmont Estate, Cocoa Plantation, chocolate
So for my photo this week I pick a picture of something that most people probably wouldnt recognise at first glance, but i assure you, this is what yo[...]
7 sisters waterfalls
One of the main attractions i’d read about before visiting Grenada was the Seven Sisters Waterfalls.  It popped up on all the top 10’s i&#[...]
Grenada, Belmont Estate, Cocoa Plantation, chocolate
As detailed in my post Grenada Pt4 – Chocolate, Rum, Waterfalls and why I shouldnt get married, during my time on Grenada and whilst the rain wa[...]
Grenada, seven sisters waterfall
So, back to Grenada, out little mini break to Lance Aux Epines and Carriacou was at an end, but we still had loads to look forward to!  … its ju[...]
Carriacou, Grenada
After just two nights in Lance Aux Epines we were sadly moving on.  I could have stayed at the Cassa Bella much longer, but there was more of Grenada [...]
Lance Aux Epines
Before we left for Grenada, Esther decided she couldn’t hack a whole 2 weeks with her family, so the decision was made to spend a couple of nights awa[...]
Google is bloody marvelous … most of the time, occasionally though its a silly little blighter.  It thinks its being clever and helping you, but its n[...]

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