Iceland had a reputation as being a pretty expensive place, but what exactly is the cost of a long weekend in Iceland?

Even now, when prices to visit are cheaper than they have been in a long time, they’re still not what I and many others would consider CHEAP. But anyway, despite the cost I would argue that visiting Iceland and staying in its capital city of Reykjavik is worth every hard earned penny. But what is the cost of a long weekend in Iceland?

This is a very simple post whereby I’m just going to break down how much I spent over my own long weekend staying in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik. Friday to Monday, three nights, that was it. To save cash my girlfriend and I cooked in our apartment of an evening rather than going out, but we didnt scrimp on everything, we achieved lots in just that single weekend. Most of our cash actually went on the flights as we left booking a little late.

Anyway, enough waffling from me, here they are, the details surrounding the cost of a long weekend in Iceland. All costs are per person and if you click on the links within the table you’ll be directed to full length posts on each … en case you’re interested in taking a tour or renting an apartment yourself.

The cost of a long weekend in Iceland

Flights from London (1 non direct) 59495 313 366.21
3 nights apartment 14255 75 87.75
Bus from airport to Reykjavik 1950 9.75 11.41
Golden Circle tour 9800 £49 57.33
Whale Watching tour 8552 45 52.65
Northen Lights tour 5400 27 31.59
Hallgrímskirkja Church ticket 600 3.5 4.09
Bus to airport via Blue Lagoon 4180 22 25.74
Blue Lagoon entry 5400 33 38.61
Spending money inc food shopping 6652 35 40.95
TOTALS 116284 612.25 716.33


… and here are a few inspirational photos. Honestly, its expensive but its so so worth it. Iceland is a stunningly beautiful place, and this year (2013) we are at the peak of a solar cycle which means you have a great chance of seeing the northern lights. Read any other travel blog that has posted about their own trip and you will read nothing but praise. Its the same on this blog, I have nothing bad to say about my long weekend in Iceland, only huge positives.

Cost of a long weekend in Iceland