A Ring Of Kerry road trip is a trip you simply must undertake at some point in your life!

A fortnight ago I gave you 15 stunning reasons to road trip the Ring of Kerry , but I never actually told you how much it cost.  Being a budget travel blog, the cost is a pretty key detail, and so here it is.

Now this Ring Of Kerry road trip is not the first epic Irish road trip that I’ve undertaken, and nor is it the first that I’ve assembled a cost breakdown for.  Back in 2013 I drove from Belfast all the way around the northern coastline to Donegal, and then down to Galway and finally Limerick.  That breakdown was a little more crude, but essentially what I’m saying is that Ireland is a fab choice as a road trip destination.

But  I’m sure you knew that already anyway :)

Ring Of Kerry road trip – The Cost Breakdown

Right, on with the Ring Of Kerry road trip cost breakdown then.

I should say from the outset that while I have calculated totals for a 4 day trip around the Ring of Kerry, my stay within Ireland actually lasted 6 days, and so I have had to estimate petrol and car hire costs as best I can.  If anything, I have maybe overestimated, so hopefully the reality would be less than I have quoted. Hopefully!

The below is worked using the following rates, which are correct as of 9th Sept 2015.

£1 = €1.38

£1 = $1.54 US

£ $US Notes
Upfront costs
Car Hire 170 261.8 234.6 Estimate.  Our costs were £194, but this included 2 additional days hire where we visited friends.
Flights 210 323.4 289.8
Upfront TOTAL 380 585.2 524.4
Day 1
Kilarney Hotel 43 66.22 59.34 Double room, no breakfast inc
Car Parking 5 7.7 6.9
Dinner 36.31 55.917 50.108
Drinks 6.73 10.364 9.2874
Day 1 TOTAL 91.04 140.2 125.64
Day 2
Portmagee Hotel 62.5 96.25 86.25 Double room, sea view, inc breakfast
Ross Castle free free free Free to walk the grounds and castle exterior.  Tours inside the castle cost.
Torc Waterfall free free free Free parking and entry to waterfall site.
Lunch in Sneem 7 10.78 9.66 Free parking available
Ladies View free free free Free parking available
Visit to Derrynane Beach free free free Free parking available
Dinner in Portmagee 42.61 65.619 58.802
Day 2 TOTAL 112.11 172.65 154.71
Day 3
Portmagee Hotel 62.5 96.25 86.25 Double room, sea view, inc breakfast
Geokaun Mountain 8 12.32 11.04 Pay for access and parking
Skellig views 6 9.24 8.28 Pay for access and parking
Lunch 7.5 11.55 10.35
Skillig chocolate factory samples free free free free parking, entry and samples
Skellign chocolate purchases 7.5 11.55 10.35
Ballinskellig Beach/Castle free free free  Free parking available
Fudge purchases in Portmagee 7.54 11.612 10.405
Dinner in Portmagee 50.16 77.246 69.221
Day 3 TOTAL 149.2 229.77 205.9
Day 4
Lunch 11.57 17.818 15.967
Ballincarberry Castle free free free  Free parking available
Rossbeigh Beach free free free  Free parking available
Lough Caragh free free free
Day 4 TOTAL 11.57 17.818 15.967
Petrol 40 61.6 55.2 Estimate – Our costs of £42.22 included a slight detour to see friends, and was in a small 1.2 ltr petrol car.  Depending on what car you get and number of passengers will affect your petrol costs.
Misc cash spend 30 46.2 41.4 Drinks, sourviers, parking, ice cream etc
TOTAL based on 2 Adults 813.92 1253.4 1123.2  
Per Person 406.96 626.72 561.6  

… so give or take it was around £100 a day per person, but of course cooking your own food and staying in hostels over hotels could bring that cost down significantly.

Personally I am more than happy with what I spent vs the experience.  It was a sensational trip!

A couple more things

Just a couple more things about the above costs from my Ring Of Kerry road trip …

1.  Flight costs are based on LHR -> Shannon with Air Lingus, and on a hand luggage only basis.

2.  I was the only named driver on our car, and I imagine adding another would cost extra.

3.  We paid to increase our coverage on the car.  Watch out at Shannon airport for this, as they  don’t often tell you it’s extra, and when I asked exactly how much the service people with Budget didn’t actually know.  It was the same with Hertz the time before when we drove around Dingle.  The agents say it in such a vague way that you think nothing of it – ‘you want full insurance on this right?’, but in reality full insurance adds €50-70 to your bill and the adage is not highlighted, you’re just ask to sign for a total amount.  In this case we were willing to pay the extra because we knew that some of the road we’d be driving would be very small and potentially hazardous.  Worth keeping an eye out for this wee scam though either which way, it didn’t sit well with me.

4.  Although the amounts for accommodation on the table above are correct, I should tell you that I worked with the guys at Trivago and their amazing app on this trip, and that helped me out heaps with the trip in general, so big thanks to them.  Check out this post of mine to find out more about their app.

Ring of Kerry road trip inspiration

Right, that’s enough talking (or typing).  I shall leave you with some evidence of why a Ring Of Kerry road trip is so very worth while.

Check out the full post and more photos here –> 15 Stunning Reasons To Road Trip The Ring Of Kerry

Skellig Michael location of Star Wars epsiodes 7 and 8

colourful village of Portmagee

Ross Castle near Killarney

Portmagee in Kerry

ballinskellig castle

ballberry castle in kerry

Ring Of Kerry Video