Snowboarding in Valmorel was never likely to fall under budget travel, but I’d promised myself that I would, just this once, splurge and experience a more established snow resort in the alps.  I now bring to you the breakdown of said splurge.

Snowboarding in Valmorel

Whereas in previous years I had snowboarded in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Scotland (with the later being for only a single day), those snowboarding experiences had been with budget in mind.  My thinking being that I did not want to splash out on a new sport which I may not have liked.  As it turns out, I have come to very much enjoy snowboarding, rather a lot as it happens, and so with an increasing interest and level of enjoyment coming from boarding, it seemed too good an opportunity to turn down my first trip to the alps when a friend offered a spot in a chalet which had been secured at ‘mates rates’.

Valmorel snowboarding

My snowboarding in Valmorel trip itself consisted of a flight from London Heathrow to Geneva, and then a 2 hour drive via hire car to the chalet in Valmorel.  I set out with a friend early Friday morning, and so arrived in Valmorel in time to fit in an afternoons snowboarding and meet up with the rest of our group who had arrived the previous day.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday consisted of full days on the slopes, and come Tuesday I was also able to fit in another half day, bringing my total effectively to 4 full days snowboarding (3x full days + 2x half days).

My time in Valmorel and on its slopes was amazing!  In comparison to past trips, this one was fully centred around slope time, rather than apres ski time, but I liked that aspect as I was able to concentrate on improving my technique.  It also allowed me to get my monies worth from the lift passes and board hire …   that’s not to say of course that I didn’t enjoy the odd beer up on the mountains, its thirsty work is snowboarding!

Snowboarding in Valmorel Costs

So I write this blog a week or so after my return, and having totalled up my spending.  Considering the trip is most likely a one off in terms of spending, I should probably just leave the receipts alone and and accept that the costs were what they were … but my brain is not wired in such a way, I like to know what I’ve spent, and I’d like to try and give a helping hand to anyone else who is thinking of travelling to the alps for the first time, having only skied/snowboarded at smaller and cheaper resorts previously. So without further adue, here’s the breakdown …

 €  £  $  Description  Notes
 185.00  138.06  212.61  Lift passes  3x full days, 2x half days
 82.00  61.19  94.24  Meals out  3 lunches + one dinner
 53.73  40.10  61.75 Food shopping  Enough for all breakfasts and 3 dinners
 67.00  50.00  77.00 Accommodation  4 nights in self catered chalet
 141.75  105.00  161.70 Flight  LHR – GVE
 85.00  63.43  97.69 Board Hire  5 days – board, helment + boots
 157.95  117.00  180.18 Car Hire  5 days
 18.75  13.99  21.55 Petrol Filled up in Switzerland – split between 2 people
 16.70  12.46  19.19 tolls  Per person – split between 2 people
 30.00  22.39  34.48 Misc  1x round of apres ski + 1 x hot choc
 837.88  623.63  960.39    TOTALS

*1.54 dollars to 1 pound
*1.34 euros to 1 pound

So £623.63 in total, at a rate of £124.73 per day over 5 days.  A couple of things to note though:

  • Car Hire – Our car was only hired between 2 people, but had space for 4 or 5.
  • Tolls + Petrol – again split between 2 people, but costs would have been reduced if we’d have had more of us in the car
  • Petrol – We aimed to fill up in France but ran out of road and petrol options.  Filling up in Switzerland probably cost us a little extra.
  • Eating out – 3x lunches on the slopes and 1x dinner in the evening.  In truth we simply spent most evenings in the chalet enjoying the fire.  There were no big nights out at all.
  • Board hire – I hired EVERYTHING (board, boots + helmet), whereas my friend took his own boots to reduce costs, and a helmet was not a legal requirement and so you could skip on that if you wish (and your insurance allows it).
  • Accommodation – As mentioned, this was ‘mates rates’, 400 euro between 6 people, and therefore a bargain.
  • Lift Pass – We bought our passes daily, so that we could play each day by ear and assess the weather.  Considering we had hire cars we also thought that we may drive to another resort on the Monday, but that never happened.

So there it is, the cost of 4 days snowboarding in Valmorel, France.  I leave you with a few photos to help justify such costs to you if you’re thinking of heading out to the alps for the first time.

… I should have a video coming in a week or two also, so keep an eye out of that.

valmorel ski resort, French Alps

snowboarding in Valmorel, France

snowboarding in Valmorel, France

snowboarding in Valmorel, France

snowboarding in Valmorel, France

snowboarding in Valmorel, France