What is the cost of 2 night in Paris?  How much is it to visit one of Europe’s most beautiful cities?

My list visit to Paris was under slightly unfortunate circumstances.  While Paris is an incredible city to explore on foot, what happens when you’re not so able to manoeuvre about on foot?  What happens when putting any weight (and I am not light) on your left foot leaves you recoiling in agony?  Quite a few plans go out the window is what happens, but that’s not to say you cannot still enjoy a couple of nights in Paris simply sitting around in its beautiful parks and street side cafes.

You most definitely can!

a weekend in paris

So in case you hadn’t already guessed, the above is exactly what happened to me at the end of June.  An innocuous foot injury whilst out running one Sunday morning scuppered mine and the girlfriends plans for walking the Champs-Élysées, taking a tour of the cities Catacombs and shopping till we drop at Forum des Halles when visiting Paris for a second time … actually I’m pretty glad we didn’t get to do that last bit.  A fan of shopping I am not!

What we did manage though was to scale the Effiel Tower at dusk (using the lift rather than stairs obviously), visit the Jardin d’Acclimatation and it’s mini theme park, plus indulge in all the good and tasty things that Paris has to offer in it’s many boulangeries.  Warm, french baguette loaf straight from the oven anyone? Yes Please! Nom nom nom.

It might not have been a typical weekend in Paris, but it was our weekend in Paris, and we loved it, despite my limited mobility. I’m so glad I packed my overnight bag and went.

The cost of 2 nights in Paris

Now typically, Paris isn’t what you’d call an overly cheap or budget destination.  It can be quite pricey in places, but I’m sure you’ll agree that for the most part it’s totally worth it. However you may wonder if I was left disappointed at having booked trains and hotels in order to explore the city, only t0 then injure myself and be prevented from doing what I had originally planned.

My previous visit to Paris had seen my running all over the place with girlfriend in tow, enjoying cocktails in secret prohibition bars, riding segways along La Seine via La Louvre, and exploring the quaint and cobbled streets of Montmartre. Obviously this time round it was a little frustrating, but at the same time I cannot say I feel short changed by my second Parisian experience in any way.  In fact I had a great time exploring the city at a slower pace, and the gf said she did too .. probably because she got a bit more of a lie-in in the mornings.

Anyway, you’re most likely here to find out, as per the title of this, what 2 nights in Paris cost, so here  are those costs using the rates below.

£ 1
US$ 1.57

*Rates of US$ and€  against the £ correct as of 16 July 2015

The cost of 2 night in Paris

£ $US Notes
Upfront costs
Eurostar 144.00 226.08 203.04 2x adults Return Economy from London St Pancras
Hotel 203.00 318.71 286.23 Double room for 2 nights inc breakfast
Upfront TOTAL 347.00 544.79 489.27
Book of 10 metro tickets 10.18 15.98 14.35
Bus tickets to Effiel Tower 2.89 4.54 4.07
Eiffiel Tower tickets 22.66 35.58 31.95
Bus tickets back to hotel 2.89 4.54 4.07
Saturday TOTAL 38.62 60.63 54.45
Entry to Jardin Aclimation 4.24 6.66 5.98
Ride tickets in Jardin Aclimation 4.38 6.88 6.18
Café stop 12.79 20.08 18.03 2 large beers
Dinner 56.67 88.97 79.90 3 courses per person and 2 drinks each.
Sunday TOTAL 78.08 122.59 110.09
Lunch 26.38 41.42 37.20 Main meal and a drink each
Slush puppy in the park 8.47 13.30 11.94 Cola slush puppy and a bottle of water
Monday TOTAL 34.85 54.71 49.14  
Misc cash spend 25.00 39.25 35.25 Miscelanious – bottles of water etc
TOTAL based on 2 Adults 523.55 821.97 738.21  
Per Person 261.78 410.99 369.10  

Now as with my ‘The cost of 2 nights in Copenhagen‘ post, this is the bit where I ‘confess’ that the above is not strictly speaking what the girlfriend and I paid, but a table of figures so to give the best representation of the cost of my weekend possible.

All the spending money listed is as per our trip, but the Eurostar we actually part paid with Avois points, and the hotel stay I earned via a piece of freelance work.

I doubt you could get the Eurostar any cheaper than £72 per person, but you could of course book a cheaper hotel if you were looking to bring costs down.  Equally if you think the above is quite cheap, you could of course splash out a bit more on a bed for the night.  That is obviously your prerogative, but the above figures hopefully give you a rough idea of how much a fairly chilled out couple of nights in Paris will set you back.

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cost of 2 nights in Paris