TwitchhikerSo I’ve just finished reading Twitchhiker by Paul Smith.  Social networking tool Twitter and travel are the two elements to book revolves around.  One day Paul Smith is out in his local supermarket when he dreams up the idea of travelling to a specific island called Campbell island, located off of the south coast of Nz using only Twitter and its users. 

Paul’s journey from Newcastle takes him into Europe, and then over to the states before hitting Oceana (the continent, not the nightclub).

Having been backpacking, I found this to be a very intriguing story, with a reassuring sense of familiarity.

Blackberry has since copied (I use that term loosely) the idea with their ‘Live and Lost’ series.  I have previously featured these on my site.   Here are the links – Example live and lost, Pro Green live and lost.

Paul story is fantastic, and he just seems like the kinda bloke you’d want to hang out with, a bit of a lad maybe, but still on the ball. I wish I had known about his exploits whilst they were actually happening, but even though I couldn’t be involved at the time, I’m glad I found the book.

Read the Daily Mail’s article relating to Paul’s journey for a better insight into just what he achieve using just social networking and the good will of others.