I wouldnt leave home without a book, i read on public transport, on my lunch at work and before i go to bed. My favourite time to read is whilst laying in a hammock in a tropical paradise whilst the sun is slowly going down. Books are probably one of the first things that get thrown in my ruckasack before a trip, dont leave home without one!

Here are a few i recommend for whilst you’re on the road, or if you’re looking for travel inspiration 


Author: Paul Smith

Hitchhking with the aid of twitter, a crazy idea thought up by newly married Paul Smith whilst in his local supermarket in Newcastle.  Leaving a new wife and young child, Paul aims to travel from Newcastle to a remote part of New Zealand using only Twitter and its users.  Certain rules apply to the trip, which sometimes lead Paul down routes he’d rather not take, but you’ll be supprised by some of the things he achieves and people he meets.  

twitchhiker paul smith


Author: Gregory David Roberts

Possibly my favourite book ever!  It will weigh your rucksack down, but it’ll be worth it.  Shantaram is the true story of Gregory David Roberts, an ex drug dealer from Australia, who escapes jail and flees Australia for India where he creates a new life for himself.  This book covers every base and i couldnt put it down.  Action packed, the fact that Gregory worked for the Indian Mafia for a while tells you that this story is deep! 


The Beach

Author: Alex Garland

Made famous on screen by Leo DiCaprio, The Beach is a fictional story about a young traveller who through a chance encounter learns about the location of a self sustaining paradise, hidden away from the tourist beaten paths.  Set in Thailand, the book takes you on a journey, first discovering ‘paradise’, and then living it. 

 The Beach Alex Garland


Author: Dave Gorman

Start reading this, and your time will become devoted to googlewhacking.  This book tells the story of Dave Gorman and his trip across lands far and wide with the aim of a creating googlewhack chain before the year is out.  A googlewhack is a game of sorts, log on to google and type in 2 words, the aim of the game is to find two words which bring up only 1 unique search result.  Dave tries to find 10 of these in a row, visiting each googlewhacker and asking them to find him a new googlewhack.   

googlewhack dave gorman

America Unchained

Author: Dave Gorman

West to East coast, 1 month, simple … unless you’re Dave Gorman, and plan to make the trip without given a single cent to ‘the man’.  Travelling and surviving by using only independant gas stations, hotels, motels, cafes and restaurants, Dave tries to make his way coast to coast whilst praying that he doesnt run out of gas.  Also a DVD.

 Dave Gorman America Unchained

Riding the Magic Carpet

Author: Tom Anderson

Live to work or work to live?  Work to live, work to save enough money to go do something exciting, work to take a trip somewhere sunny, work to go surfing in all the cool spots across the globe.  Tom Anderson, a surfer from Swansea in Wales tells his story about surfing all over the globe. 

Riding the Magic Carpet

Yakking around the World

Author: Simon Hughes

What do you do when your profession stops for a couple of months because its ‘out of season’, you find another country where its still ‘in season’.  Simon Hughes, a cricketer from England, backs his bags and takes his cricketing skills to all corners of the globe each English Winter.  Prefering to carry on playing, Simon details how he would travel each winter and play cricket in other countries rather than face the bitter cold of December in England.

yakking around the world simon hughes