an idiot abroad karl pilkingtonOk so this was on Sky months ago, but i got the DVD for xmas and have only just got round to watching it. Lets begin …

The idea

Karl Pikington is sent around the world to visit the seven wonders of the world by Ricky Gervais. Karl doesnt like much in life (not a fact, but seemingly true), and Ricky thinks that exposing him to forgein lands and ways of life will be entertaining.

The result

Karl visits the seven wonders but winges the whole way through. I know its the idea of the show, to revel in someone elses discomfort, but as someone who likes to travel i was insanely jealous of Karl and would do pretty much anything to be given the chance to go to all these places and meet the people Karl met.

Its highly probably and more than likely that Karl is a skilled actor and just moaned for the sake of the camera and the viewers amusement, over dramatiscing and making mountains out of molehills, but the programme itself really did anger me. Unless all the locals were in on the joke, Karl really did come across quite rude and ignorant at times.

I guess its kind of ironic that i’m moaning about him moaning. But not everyone is given the chance to see these wonders, and those that do are probably a bit more appreciative.

The programme is worth a watch if only to see what life can be like in other countries. Best way to find out though is to visit yourself.