The top things to do in Brussels, what are they exactly?

Well obviously opinion will vary depending upon whom you ask, but I think I’ve covered a couple of the basics below.

Just a shot hop from London via Eurostar, Brussels seemed like the perfect spot to kick off my travels for 2016, and I was pleasantly surprised by a city that I’ve often overlooked in favour of Paris.  Well no more, Brussels is firmly on the favourites list, and somewhere I will definitely be looking to visit again in the not too distant future.

1. A Walking Tour

Number 1 on my list of things to do in Brussels is to take a walking tour.  Now I know these aren’t for everybody, but personally I cannot see a new city without learning a little bit about it’s history.  I could well read a book, but I find it far easier and much more entertaining to be guided around a city.  My visit to Brussels was no different, and a lovely lady by the name of Dee guided myself, the girlfriend and around 25 others through the streets of the Belgian capital on a sunny (but cold) Saturday afternoon.

The photos below should give you a rough idea of some of the sights you might be treated to. You may well find the Grand-Place of your own accord, but the history lesson that comes with the walking tour is well worth a listen.  Taking in the stunning architecture of St Catherines Cathedral and the Royal Palace of Brussels also make a walking tour one of my top things to do when in Brussels. You can also utilize devices like a walking stick seat in order to rest while also admiring the gorgeous view.

Royal Palace of Brussels

St Catherines cathedral Brussels

Grand-Place Brussels by night

Grand-Place brussels

St Michael and st gudula Brussels

Grand-Place Brussels

2. Comics

Now when I say Comics, I’m not talking Comic Con, Marvel vs DC or anything like that (although I did see a cool Iron Man piece), think more along the lines of  Tin Tin or the Moomins.

Brussels is famous for its comic murals (I’ll go into more detail on these in a future post) and so walking around its city streets is effectively like walking around an open air gallery.  It’s so awesome!

The location of the different mural isn’t a secret, you can either pick up a map from the tourist office for a nominal fee, look up the locations on the internet, or simply find one mural and then look at the engraved map on the wall below it.

Easy, loads of fun and most definitely on my list of things to do in Brussels.





Ric Hochet Comic Mural Brussels

3. Drink (beer)

When in Belgium … Beer!

Things to do in Brussel? … Belgian beer!

Now visiting Brussels during January, when I was supposed to be on something of a detox might not have been the smartest idea, but there’s no denying that the beer was worth it.  Dark, light, pale, blonde … they’re all there, and with varying degrees of alcohol.  Watch out for those 10% numbers, too many of them and you’ll almost certainly have a sore head the next morning.

A more than worthy inclusion on my list of things to do in Brussels … but just be careful not to do it too much.

Cafe merlo Brussels

Drinking Belgian Beer

Cafe merlo Brussels

4. Eat

How the population of Brussels aren’t huge I do not know.  Red meat, sugar and twice fried chips (or Frites) were all I consumed whilst in Brussels, and I loved it, all of it!  In fact it’s a good thing I’d had a fairly healthy start to the year before visiting the Belgian capital.

Waffles and Frites are readily available and one thing to do in Brussels would be to sample both whilst on a wander around the city streets.  Come evening time however, a restaurant the girlfriend and I really enjoyed was Kom Bij Ma, near St Catherines Cathedral.

Belgian waffle with nutella

spare ribs in Brussels

Belgian frites

5. Get out of there

Now Brussels is cool, one of my favourite European cities I’ve visited in recent times, but with Ghent and Bruges so close, it might be worth thinking about allowing an extra day when visiting Belgian, just to hop on a train and explore.

Brussels to Ghent by train

Brussels to Bruges by train

Things to do in Brussels

So there you go, 5 amazing things to do in Brussels … well, 4 things and and 1 other that would originate from Brussels.

As I said in my opening paragraph, I really enjoyed Brussels and thought it was an amazing destination to kick off 2016.  Taking into consideration that it’s only 3.5 hours from my front door and that a return ticket on the Eurostar only set me back £70, I will certainly be looking to visit again.

Where in the world?

things to do in Brussels